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Airpark Newark Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport

43 Olympia Dr
Newark, NJ, 07114

4.5 out of 5
Airport Parking Rating
84% Recommend based on 268 verified reviews


05/12/2014Sandra G. - Annandale, NJ

Was a little more out of the way than the spots I used in the past but good security and service. My only complaint was the shuttle driver - on the way back to the lot he was texting and on his cell phone... it was really inappropriate considering we had 4 little kids on the bus.

02/09/2016LH - NJ

This was a great service. Customer service was impeccable and the location was very convenient. I waited about 30 seconds to be picked up when I got off the plane and I will definitely use this service again.

07/03/2014Patricia - Barnegat, NJ

This was the first time I used this facility and it was top knotch. Friendly, efficient, prompt, pricing exactly as indicated online, all around A+. I will use them again.

06/25/2014Alan S. - Allentown, PA

Conveniently located to I-78 East. Quick, clean and courteous shuttle service. Definitely will park here again. Might try valet parking next time.

05/13/2014MHS - Paramus, NJ

We waited 25 minutes after calling for picking us up. Since it was a cold and windy night 25 min was a way too long for us to wait outside. However, when we got to the parking lot, our car was ready to go and the check out was very smooth and fast.

05/11/2014Richard M. - Goshen, NY

First time I've been to the new address. Feels further away than before, so the ride back and forth to terminal felt longer.. (especially waiting for pickup). People are all very professional and pleasant. Make sure you read the back of the claim check to know where to stand for pickup.

04/24/2014Peter B. - Belford, NJ

Very good people work at Airpark Newark. Highly recommended. Will use again.

04/08/2014Douglas D. - Rumson, NJ

The parking experience was great. The convenience of not having to wait for a limo that may not be on time combined with the cost savings, was awesome. We got to the parking lot and within 15 minutes were checking in for our flight.

03/18/2014Pavle A. - Fair Lawn, NJ

Since the parking operation is moving to another location, my rating is reflecting the problem. I missed a turn when I left and the route brought be back to the place through the street on the back, and that one was terrible. I am glad I have an SUV, since the holes on the road can damage any other car's suspension. Other than that, great place/people, that I have used for all my long term parking in the last couple of years.

12/20/2014David - Glastonbury, CT

would park here next time I fly out of Newark