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Our parking experience was awesome. We were picked up within 10 minutes of parking and taken to our exact terminal. When we landed, we were picked up at the airport within 10 minutes as well, right outside of our baggage claim. Both drivers made small talk, asking about our flights etc. I will definitely park here again.
09/01/2020Marion E. - Lancaster, PA
Excellent service and prompt pickups.
08/28/2020Angelo Williams
The drivers (Jay? and Will) were excellent: courteous, professional and expert drivers who treated us with the highest dignity and respect. 👍
08/28/2020R Johnson
Good service with very reasonable rate. Shuttle came within five minutes after I called.
08/28/2020Nirav Desai - Princeton NJ
The shuttle driver was very friendly, helpful and courteous. He is the only reason this place gets 3 stars. The one counter staff woman was rude over the phone. Shuttle only comes every 30 minutes.
I stood at the airport for over a hour called 3 times never got picked up n I had pay for a cab to get me to the hotel to pick up my car. Driver stated he couldn't find me I was standing outside of zone 4 as requested. All in all they never get my business again and I will be telling whoever asks me about my experience not to use them.
02/12/2020James Stewart - Wilmington, DE
Wasn't sure what to expect. The lot seemed moderately secure but it is in the back of a hotel that has definitely seen better days. Maybe in the 60's it was a nice hotel, now you'd have to pay me to stay there. Anyway, when we got back our car was safe and sound so I don't know if that was just luck or whether they actually keep an eye on things. Probably more luck I'd guess.
02/08/2020GINPA - Hummelstown, PA
5 min extra drive saved me $45.00. Fast check in, shuttle was ready to go.
Except for the distance, the parking factory, staff and shuttle was pretty good. The price was good.
01/09/2020Vijay S