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Newark Airport Long Term Parking

Newark Liberty International Airport

43-71 Olympia Dr
Newark, NJ, 07105

4.5 out of 5
Airport Parking Rating
84% Recommend based on 324 verified reviews


11/16/2015Bonnie F Snyder

Overall, your service was very efficient and timely. It made our journey much easier and I would definitely use your service again.

11/17/2015Robert F. Ivey - Darien, Connecticut

Everything was about perfect. However, I have a couple of minor suggestions: (1) I came by way of the Garden State southward to I-78 east. Your directions for that route were very good, but it was difficult to find the signs to get to Frontage Road (no fault of yours). Although I finally found it, I missed the sign for your lot and wound up continuing on Frontage Road so far that I essentially got lost. Although I finally found your location again, I had lost so much time that boarding for my flight had closed when I got to the gate. I was able to get another flight about two hours later, so this didn't cause any serious inconvenience. Again, none of this was your fault, but a bit more detail in the printed directions to Frontage Road and a more noticeable sign at the turn from Frontage Road would be helpful. (2) When I arrived at the airport on the return flight, I had some difficulty finding where to go to meet the shuttle. I think your representative had given me oral directions for that when I left my car, but I was so intent on trying to get to the United counter on time that I didn't remember the instructions when I returned a week later. So you might consider adding something about that in your printed instructions. All of your people that I talked with were very courteous and efficient, and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.

07/11/2014Linda G. V. - Brooklyn

Everything was well done. The facility is secure, although on a god forsaken back road. I got a ride to the airport right away, and only waited a few minutes on my return to the airport. The car was waiting for me when I got back to the parking facility. The employees were very polite and handled everything quickly. My one criticism is that I got back after dark and am unfamiliar with the area. There were no signs to the Turnpike, and I did get lost on dark, dead end roads for about fifteen minutes before I found the highway. Since I was alone, it was a little scary. I would suggest that there be signage put up by the facility directing you to the turnpike and other major roads in the area.

11/22/2015MSL - Rockland County

Beyond expectations. Very courteous and efficient staff. Car was ready and waiting for us when we returned. Will definitely park here again.

08/27/2015Thomas E Marks - Hudson Valley, NY

Upset that it took me so long to discover your service. Will definitely use Newark LTP for my next flight.

03/03/2015Maria M. - Mahopac, NY

Was kind of skeptical about parking out of the aimport but decided to take a chance. I was so very impressed by the workers, service and everything in general. Never thought I would get into my heated car courtesy of your workers. Would definitely recommend this place and do it all over again. Thank you very much for making this experience so perfect for me!

07/11/2014Bruce C. - Staten Island

This is the third time I have used Long Term Parking. Their pick-up procedure is lacking. Upon arrival, after clearing customs and retrieving our luggage, we called for their shuttle. The first shuttle came and left quickly before we could leave the terminal. A second shuttle came 10 min later and had no room for us with our luggage. A third shuttle came 10 min after that. Their pick-up procedure is lacking. They know how many people called for the shuttle and then for them not to have room is totally unacceptable. I suggest that they require customers to report how many bags they have in their possession. Also, arriving at the pick up location, beeping the horn a few times, and then leaving when not seeing the customer is also not acceptable. I might try a different facility next time.


As soon as I arrived a shuttle was waiting for me to board. When I returned I had to notify them a second time but times like that are inevitable. The call was promptly acted on and the shuttle picked me up within a couple minutes. Great friendly staff, will use the service again.

11/14/2015JG - New York

Overall this was an outstanding experience. The location was convenient and leaving our car was much better than trying to work out early morning pickups. The only inconvenience came because we were accidentally directed to get on a shuttle for the other Newark airport parking and did not realize the error until we reached the parking lot. We asked the driver if he could simply drop us off at the long-term parking but he said he must bring us back to the airport where we again called for pick up. However, this was not your fault, it was just a misunderstanding. We would definitely use your service again!

08/26/2015Mary Fanzutti

Affordable and very nice customer service.😄