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Park Air Express

Los Angeles International Airport

5757 W Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA, 90045

4.5 out of 5
Airport Parking Rating
84% Recommend based on 214 verified reviews


Park Air Express (Open 24/7)

Driving distance to LAX: 1.8 miles
Type of parking: Indoor Self, Indoor Valet
Clearance: 6’20”

Extra charge for SUVs, vans and trucks: will be charged at valet rate

Park Air Express features a modern airport parking facility serving Los Angeles International Airport. It is conveniently located just 2 blocks from LAX. Free shuttle service 24/7 on big modern shuttle buses with “Park Air Express” logo on each and complimentary luggage assistance.

Additional services:
Carwash and detail are available on request.

Additional information:

Airport parking begins from 4th level and higher. The lower ones are for local business tenants.

Upon your arrival to LAX call pick-up service to dispatch a shuttle bus that will pick you up at the Red Zone in front of your terminal.


03/03/2015A Malcolm

I love the rewards program. A major reason why i return over and over. My only big criticism is the wait time at terminals. Not at the garage. That's swift and reliable. But at the terminal this past Sunday I waited 26 minutes, called twice. Dispatcher said van was tied up in traffic jam entering airport. But that doesn't explain how 4 Wally Parks, 3 Airport Center vans, 2 Joe's parking vans and numerous other facilities like Sheraton and Marriott were able to get through over and over and fill up at Terminal 6 and leave before one ParkAir van showed up.

06/14/2015Paula Vlasta L.

Incoming experience was fine. When I returned, there was no attendant on site to give me my car key. I called the desk three times before someone came down to give me the key. What more can I say?


Great service for incredible price!

03/03/2015Cesar Hernandez

Long time customer of Park Air Express and service has gotten worse over the years! I still use the facility though. Habit I guess.


This was my first time using a service and it was excellent!

07/08/2014Sowo V.

It took over 25 min to be picked up even but told the driver is on the way. If I was told there was only one shuttle I would have understood the wait. Then when I arrived to the facility to check out again only one cashier and a extremely long line. I will never use them again. I rather pay more next time.

07/08/2014Melissa D. - Los Angeles

I was not aware when I paid for this reservation that my car would be triple parked and I would need to leave my keys (was listed online as "self park") and have my car moved in and out of the spot while I was gone for 4 days. When we arrived back to the parking lot and went down to level 4 of the parking garage, there was no one working that level and we couldn't get our keys back. We had to call a number we saw on a sign and were told to walk up to the 2nd floor to get our keys. This was a bit frustrating because we were carrying a lot of bags and it would have been nice if the parkign staff would have brought the keys down to us. We had already paid at the checkout counter so it seemed to me that employee could have looked up my ticket # and seen that my keys were going to need to be brought downstairs to me, or at least told me to stop at the 2nd floor on my way to the 4th. The shuttle was good, short wait times and not crowded.

07/08/2014Joseph S. - Monrovia

Fast and courteous service and well organized. Close to the airport and I will probably use this place again.

07/08/2014L. J.

I always have a really good experience with Park Air Express. However, I had to leave my keys for the duration of my trip for the first time due to no single parking spaces which I did not like. So, if you do not like leaving your keys with attendants while on vacation, not the place. Otherwise, this is a great place to park and fly.

05/26/2014Fabi H. - Anaheim, CA

All personnel was very pleasant and my car was ready when I arrived. Everything was excellent!!!