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Airport Center Express

Los Angeles International Airport

5959 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90045

4.0 out of 5
Airport Parking Rating
84% Recommend based on 521 verified reviews


Airport Center (Open 24/7)

Driving distance to LAX: 2.2 miles
Type of parking: Indoor Self
Clearance: 6’6”

Extra charge for SUVs, vans and trucks: No

We offer fast and friendly airport parking complemented by our modern multilevel facility featuring covered self and valet parking and 24/7 security.

The parking is located just two blocks from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Free shuttle service 24/7 on big modern shuttle buses with “Airport Center” and “QuickPark LAX” logos on each.

Additional services:
Car detailing is available on request.

Additional information:

First few levels of facility are for Crowne Plaza guests. Airport Center guests need to use 4-7 levels. Make sure not to use lower ones or your car may be towed.

Use elevator that goes down right to the shuttle bus stop (the other elevator goes to the 2nd floor).

Upon arrival, wait for shuttle to pick you up at red COURTESY SHUTTLE (Red Tram Stop) signs in front of each of the terminals.

Shuttle buses serve both Airport Center and QuickPark LAX facilities, and will be cruising through all LAX terminals and both of these parking lots. You may also take Crowne Plaza shuttle to get to/from terminals as the lot is within walking distance from the hotel (about 100 yards).


11/14/2015Lee J.

Parking spots are to small and I got part stolen off car while gone.

06/14/2015MJR - CA

We had a good experience with the drop off and pick up. However, those that were with us on the pick up were not happy because of the long wait. I guess we're just blessed with the right timing. The only slight negative experience was the exit. There was a guy who was directing to which line to go to, but was not clear. So, cars ahead ended changing lanes because of his directions. And it delayed the process.

06/14/2016Sara L - Los Angeles

The only thing going for this lot is the location. The shuttle took over 30 minutes even though I called, and then when I called back to ask where it was I got nothing but attitude. Then the line to pay took another 15 minutes. The spaces are so small I actually had to climb in through my passenger door to get in since the car next to me was so close. That is if there are even any spots available when you get there. This place is NOT WORTH IT.

11/16/2015Huntington Beach

Waited an hour for pickup after texting. Only two vans working and at 10pm on a Sunday night, LAX was BUSY!! Upon driving to check out, after waiting 20 minutes in the line of cars, there was only one person on the exit booth. One would think that the scheduling person would see how many people are scheduled to exit at a given time and schedule personnel accordingly. On a positive, both the driver and the booth person were very pleasant under the circumstances.

11/15/2015James Nelson - Oxnard, California

Always a great experience. We have been parking there for many years.