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Airport Center Express

Los Angeles International Airport

5959 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90045

4.0 out of 5
Airport Parking Rating
84% Recommend based on 479 verified reviews


Airport Center (Open 24/7)

Driving distance to LAX: 2.2 miles
Type of parking: Indoor Self
Clearance: 6’6”

Extra charge for SUVs, vans and trucks: No

We offer fast and friendly airport parking complemented by our modern multilevel facility featuring covered self and valet parking and 24/7 security.

The parking is located just two blocks from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Free shuttle service 24/7 on big modern shuttle buses with “Airport Center” and “QuickPark LAX” logos on each.

Additional services:
Car detailing is available on request.

Additional information:

First few levels of facility are for Crowne Plaza guests. Airport Center guests need to use 4-7 levels. Make sure not to use lower ones or your car may be towed.

Use elevator that goes down right to the shuttle bus stop (the other elevator goes to the 2nd floor).

Upon arrival, wait for shuttle to pick you up at red COURTESY SHUTTLE (Red Tram Stop) signs in front of each of the terminals.

Shuttle buses serve both Airport Center and QuickPark LAX facilities, and will be cruising through all LAX terminals and both of these parking lots. You may also take Crowne Plaza shuttle to get to/from terminals as the lot is within walking distance from the hotel (about 100 yards).


11/30/2014Stacy T. - San Clemente, CA

Great find! The only bummer was that I got back to my car late at night and didn't see the security guy anywhere as I walked to my car alone. Also, if you're in a rush, be prepared to park on one of the top levels, which are the only ones available for airport parking. It takes a few extra minutes to drive all the way up there and find a empty spot. Everything else was great!

12/01/2014David R. - Santa Monica, CA

I have used Airport Center three times while traveling out of LAX and I'll continue to do so. The location is conveniently close to the airport, the shuttles arrive regularly, and the price (especially when booking online) is hard to beat. I've always been able to find a covered spot, and I've never had any damage done to my car. My only concern is that the parking spaces are tiny, which results in often hard-to-park situations. However, the positives outweigh any inconvenience.

12/01/2014Candace - Los Angeles, CA

The parking spaces are extremely narrow. I actually bothered to park within the lines of the space, but unfortunately someone hit my car when backing out of their spot and left without a note. The parking lot does not have security cameras, so I am left with a hit and run situation and a dent in my car. While it is the driver's fault for hitting my car, I also have to say that if the spaces weren't too narrow we probably wouldn't have had this problem in the first place. And if they had security cameras in the lot, I wouldn't be left with a damaged car and no one to be held responsible for it.

12/01/2014DORI D. - FULLERTON, CA

It was Thanksgiving Day, so we arrived at 5am and drove to designated parking Levels 4-7. The structure was overbooked and no personnel was around to oversee the parking. We drove around for 25 min and almost exited the facility to drive to LAX Lot C when we luckily located a very nice Airport Center employee, who quickly directed us to a ground level parking spot. Everything else went smooth with the shuttle and parking personnel after that, but I will not park here again, because I paid to reserve a spot and it was not available upon our arrival and we lost time getting to the airport. When we checked out, they tried overcharging us $50+ so I showed them our parking reservation form since we contracted to pay less. Without it, they would have charged us $50+ so make sure you have your parking reservation form if you park at this facility.

11/30/2014Bryan B. - Los Angeles, CA

Will do it again.

11/30/2014Bing K. - San Diego, CA

Wait for shuttle pick up is too long. The location and facility is great!

11/30/2014Rebecca L. - Ojai, CA

Great, thanks!

11/30/2014Howard K. - Agua Dulce, CA

Upon arrival it was unclear to me if I was in the right place. Poor signage. I drove to exit booth and person (Male) in booth was not too interested in assisting me with directions, looked like he was "killing" time.

01/14/2014Serg - Bakersfield, CA

Everybody was great getting there and take me to the airport, but coming back was different. The shuttle driver had a attitude, he said that I was waiting at the wrong spot. I responded to him that I followed the dispatcher instructions. F.Y.I. One person did not ruined it for the rest of the team. Good job.

12/01/2014Jill - San Diego, CA

After my return flight, I called for a pickup and the shuttle never came. After 30 minutes, I ended up accidentally getting on a different company's shuttle that looked simliar. That driver was kind enough to drop me off at Airport Center. Other than the lack of a pickup, the overall experience was great.