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There are four nearby interstates that allow traffic to move into and out of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and the areas around it. The best route to travel when leaving downtown Atlanta is I-85, which is situated on the northwest side of ATL Airport. The airport has direct access from the south through I-75, which follows the southeast side of the airport. I-28 and I-20 are two more significant and interconnected roads that assist in transporting airport visitors and passengers from the east and west parts of Atlanta's metropolitan area.

There are two terminals at Atlanta International Airport, one for domestic flights and one for foreign ones. These two terminals are located on different airport sides. The international side of the airport is on the east side, and the domestic side is on the west.

If you need to book off-airport parking near ATL, the terminal you are flying out of will determine the best place to park. All airport parking services near Atlanta Airport can transport you to both terminals, but if you are taking I-85 or I-75 to get to the airport, it is useful to know which parking lots are near which freeways and local roads.

Whether you are parking at the airport or at a parking service near the airport, parking garages and lots are clustered near I-85 and 1-75's airport exits. For passengers flying domestically, I-85's exit 72 provides access to the domestic terminal. International travelers can use exit 239 on I-75 to get to the international terminal. Additionally, Camp Creek Parkway, via I-85 also has a few parking locations. Upon exiting, you will proceed west, away from the airport, to find these lots on either side of the road.

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