How It Works

Airport and dates

It takes only a few minutes to grab a guaranteed parking spot near your airport. Select your parking arrival and return dates to begin your search. We'll display a list of parking lots.

Choose parking lot

Choose your parking lot from the list. All lots are close to the airport and include transportation to and from the airport terminals. You choose the parking lot that best meets your travel needs.

Reserve parking lot

Provide contact and payment info and complete airport parking reservation. Print the reservation receipt, present it to the parking lot. The reservation receipt will also be emailed to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after my reservation?
Once a customer makes a reservation on ParkON, the parking lot will be notified of the reserved parking space at their location. The parking lot will then honor the daily rate paid on ParkON when the customer presents their reservation confirmation.

How do I park after my parking reservation is reserved?
Upon the designated day and time of your parking reservation, proceed directly to the lot you chose. Depending on the specific lot and service you have reserved, you will either self-park or drop your vehicle off with a parking attendant. Then, you will be promptly transported via the lot's shuttle directly to the terminal, and on to begin your journey.

Do I need a printed copy of my reservation confirmation in order to park?
It is always good to have a printed copy but at most lots, printed copies of reservations are typically unnecessary; a digital version displayed on your mobile phone will suffice. To access your reservation confirmation, log in to our website by visiting the "My Reservation" section, where you can view or print a copy as needed.

When do I present my reservation confirmation?
Each parking lot operates differently. If your reservation confirmation includes a QR code, make sure to keep it easily accessible either by having a printout or by saving it on your mobile phone. The QR code needs to be scanned for both entry and exit at the parking lot. In case you don't have a QR code, the lot will either request to see your reservation confirmation when you begin your parking stay or when you return to the lot before heading home.

When should I arrive at the parking lot?
We suggest arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your desired airport arrival time. This will allow ample time to reach the parking lot, find a spot or drop off your vehicle, catch the shuttle, and be transported smoothly to the airport.

If I am experiencing delays with shuttle pickup from the airport, whom should I contact for immediate assistance?
If you have any concerns regarding shuttle pickup, it is recommended to directly contact the specific parking lot. Certain lots offer shuttle tracking through an app, while others provide a dedicated contact number for texting or calling as soon as you arrive back at the airport. It's important to note that ParkON is an independent airport parking reservation service and does not have control over the scheduling and timings of the lot's shuttle service.

If you're new to off-site airport parking or have inquiries regarding our reservation or cancellation policy, we invite you to explore our FAQ page. It provides comprehensive information to address any concerns and ensure a smooth experience.

Our customer service team is fully equipped to assist you with any inquiries or concerns regarding your reservation. To reach out to one of our dedicated representatives, simply visit our Contact page and complete the form. Rest assured, you can expect a prompt response.