Tips for Airport Parking Reservations

Traveling can be an exciting experience, but it also has its drawbacks, one of which is finding a convenient and affordable airport parking spot. Airport parking can be time-consuming and expensive if not properly planned. Here are some essential tips for booking airport parking to help you navigate this aspect of your journey with ease.

Book in Advance
The sooner you book your airport parking, the better. This not only guarantees you a spot, but it also saves you time in finding a parking space on the day of your trip. Last-minute parking can be significantly more expensive and you risk not finding a space, particularly if you are flying from a busy airport during peak travel seasons.

Compare Prices and Options
Don’t settle for the first parking option you find. Use online comparison tools to check out different parking services and their rates. Consider factors like distance from the airport, shuttle service availability, and extra services like car washes or valet parking.

Check for Reviews and Ratings
Before making a reservation, read reviews and compare parking service ratings. Feedback from other travelers can give you a good idea of the service's dependability and quality. Look for feedback on safety, shuttle service efficiency, and customer service.

Consider Off-Site Parking
Off-site parking lots located minutes from the airport may be a more cost-effective option. Most facilities offer free shuttle service to and from the airport. While they may add a few minutes to your journey, the savings can be significant.

Look for Promotions and Discounts
Keep an eye out for special offers, coupon codes, and loyalty programs. ParkON offers discounts to several university alumni associations, local municipalities, organizations, and military personnel. If you have received a ParkON discount code just enter it below the search bar to see your savings instantly applied.

Understand the Parking Types
Know the difference between short-term, long-term, covered, uncovered, and valet parking. Your choice will depend on the length of your trip and your budget. For longer trips, long-term parking is usually more cost-effective.

Check the Security Measures
Check that the parking lot has adequate security measures in place. Look for facilities that have CCTV monitoring, well-lit areas, security patrols, and secure fencing. Your vehicle's safety should be your top priority.

Confirm Shuttle Service Timings
Confirm the frequency and timings of the shuttle service if you are using an off-site parking service with a shuttle. Check that it corresponds to your flight schedule. The last thing you want is to miss your flight due to a shuttle scheduling error.

Read the Cancellation Policy
Life is unpredictable, and so are travel plans. Before making a reservation, carefully read the cancellation policy. Some services provide free cancellation up to a few hours before your reservation time, while others may charge a fee.

Use GPS and Maps for Directions
To avoid last-minute confusion, locate your parking spot in advance using GPS or a map, especially if you are using an off-site facility. Allow for extra time for traffic and shuttle transfers to ensure you arrive at the airport on time.

Airport parking does not have to be a stressful part of your trip. You can ensure a smooth start to your journey by following these tips. Remember that a little planning and research can save you both time and money, making your trip more enjoyable and stress-free. Safe travels!

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