Frequently Asked Questions About DEN Parking

How much is parking at the Denver Airport?

The Denver Airport offers five parking options which vary in price. The cost depends on the area where you choose to park your vehicle. Here are the fees for parking at Denver airport from least expensive to most expensive:

  • Lot on 61st Street and Peña - $5 per every 12 hours / $7 per day
  • Shuttle (Pikes Peak and Longs Peak lots) - $8 per day, no hourly parking available
  • Economy Parking - $6 per hour / $18 per day
  • Garage Parking - $7 per hour / $30 per day
  • Short-Term Parking - $7 per hour / $168 per day

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How much does Denver Airport off-airport parking cost?

To park at an off-airport parking lot minutes from Denver Airport usually costs between $10 to $25 dollars per day. This option provides a great alternative to the more expensive on-airport parking, as it offers an affordable and secure parking solution for travelers.

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What are the benefits of Denver Airport off-airport parking?

Off-airport parking can help travelers save money and time. It also provides more choices for travelers to choose from, offering a variety of types of parking services and better pricing. Additionally, off-airport parking can be more secure as independently owned parking lots and services have security surveillance and travelers can submit insurance claims should something happen to their vehicle.

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Does Denver Airport offer long-term parking?

While Denver Airport doesn't have a parking lot specifically named 'long-term', all the parking options available can be utilized for consecutive daily parking. Overnight parking is permitted in the general parking garage, the economy lots, and the shuttle lots. Though the East and West short-term lots are available for parking, travelers and airport guests most often use these lots for hourly parking due to their significantly high daily rates.

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How does Denver Airport off-airport parking work?

There are several independent parking services near Denver Airport that offer a variety of options and amenities. Although these off-airport lots are not located directly at the airport, they are just a few miles or minutes away and provide shuttle services that drop travelers off at the curbside of the terminal. Passengers can easily park by driving up to the parking lot, or they can reserve a parking space ahead of time. To compare rates and find highly rated off-airport parking lots, we invite you to visit our Denver Airport Parking page.

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Is Denver Airport off-airport parking safe?

Absolutely! Off-airport parking lots are safe to park your car, thanks to 24/7 onsite staff and ample security measures such as surveillance cameras and gated entry that logs each car's check-in and check-out. These lots also typically hold insurance policies, covering any potential damage to your vehicle while you're away. Rest assured your car will be waiting for you when you return – just another piece of mind to add to your travels.

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Where is the best place to park at Denver Airport?

Selecting the best parking spot at Denver Airport depends on several factors, including your budget, length of stay, and desired amenities. Opt for economical options if you need to park for an extended period, like the Economy or Shuttle lots. Go for the Garage parking if you crave covered parking. And, if convenience is your top priority, Short-Term parking is the perfect spot for picking up passengers or quick stays.

We have some fantastic off-airport parking partners in the DEN Airport area that we highly recommend. Fine Airport Parking, Canopy Airport Parking, and ParkDIA are among our favorites. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you can trust these reliable partners to take care of your vehicle while you are away.

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