Marriott Burbank Airport

Burbank (BUR) Airport Parking

2500 Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505


Parking Lot Overview

Premiere off airport parking at the Marriott Burbank. Our parking facility is directly across the street from the airport entrance - No Extra Fees - Complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport every 10 min - why walk or pay more?

This facility is open 24 hours a day and under constant surveillance, so you'll have peace of mind when it comes to the security of your car.

Customer Reviews Summary

Convenience (7/10)

Most users found the service to be quick and efficient, noting that it greatly simplified the parking process.

Location (10/10)

The parking service is conveniently located, making it the preferred choice for most users.

Price (8/10)

The affordable pricing of the service makes it a compelling option compared to other parking alternatives.

Customer Service (7/10)

The staff is helpful and skilled, providing assistance and support to customers. However, some users reported difficulties in reaching the staff when needed.

Safety (10/10)

Users feel that the parking lot is safe and secure, with reliable shuttle service.

Cleanliness (8/10)

Although users generally had a great experience, some mentioned issues with tree sap that gets on the cars' windows and finishes throughout the year.

Overall Experience (9/10)

Overall, users had a positive experience with the airport parking service, appreciating its convenience, location, pricing, safety, and cleanliness. The only minor concerns were related to customer service availability and the issue of tree sap.


  • "This website is an excellent service. I could have save a lot of money had i known earlier."

    Michael R. - Valencia, CA

  • "It is where you would want to park anyway but the price makes it silly to consider anywhere else."

    Arun Baheti - Arun Baheti

  • "I love the service. Very very convenient parking at airport. Will definitely use this again and again."

    Cesar Martinez

  • "I always order in advance to park here because staff is helful even and very good skilled when you want to talk with or need some help from them. I would recommend Marriott BUR to everyone who wants to park for air flight. It is safe shuttle is on time."


  • "I have used this parking lot a few times over the years and each time I have had a great experience. The only problem I see is the tree sap that gets on the cars windows and painted finishes. This happens all year long. It doesn't come off easily."


  • "It was unusual to wait 20 minutes in the parking lot for the shuttle. Walked to the hotel to inquire where the driver was. The bellman was not available to find out."

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