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It is where you would want to park anyway but the price makes it silly to consider anywhere else.
11/16/2022Arun Baheti - Arun Baheti
I love the service. Very very convenient parking at airport. Will definitely use this again and again.
11/15/2022Cesar Martinez
This website is an excellent service. I could have save a lot of money had i known earlier.
08/26/2022Michael R. - Valencia, CA
I always order in advance to park here because staff is helful even and very good skilled when you want to talk with or need some help from them. I would recommend Marriott BUR to everyone who wants to park for air flight. It is safe shuttle is on time.
06/14/2022HA T QUAN
I have used this parking lot a few times over the years and each time I have had a great experience. The only problem I see is the tree sap that gets on the cars windows and painted finishes. This happens all year long. It doesn't come off easily.
01/23/2022WALT - LANCASTER, CA
It was unusual to wait 20 minutes in the parking lot for the shuttle. Walked to the hotel to inquire where the driver was. The bellman was not available to find out.