Park'N Go

Richmond (RIC) Airport Parking

5701 Audubon Dr.
Sandston, VA 23150


Parking Lot Overview

Prompt service by shuttle bus every few minutes, 24 hours a day.

Additional Services
- Instant pick-up and drop off at the airport
- Shuttle drivers assist with your luggage
- Complimentary USA Today and bottled water
- Free battery jump start if needed

Parking Options

  • Outdoor Self

Customer Reviews Summary

Convenience (9/10)

Most users found the service to be quick and efficient, noting that it greatly simplified the parking process.

Customer Service (9/10)

The majority of customers were pleased with the friendly and competent staff, who provided fast and efficient service.

Location (8/10)

Customers appreciated the convenient location of the parking lot, which saved them from dealing with traffic near the airport.

Safety and Security (8/10)

The service was praised for providing safe and secure parking, as advertised on their website.

Efficiency (7/10)

Customers generally experienced quick delivery and pickups, with minimal waiting time at either end of their trip.

Price Transparency (7/10)

While most customers were satisfied with the rates, some mentioned that additional charges, such as airport taxes, were not clearly communicated in the initial quote.

Facilities and Amenities (6/10)

The facilities were described as good and efficient, but some customers encountered issues with broken gates and lack of proper signage.

Overall Experience (8.5/10)

The majority of customers had a great experience with the airport parking service, with positive feedback about convenience, customer service, location, safety, and efficiency. However, some customers mentioned issues with price transparency and facilities.


  • "Great Experience. Nice Lot. Quick delivery and pickups."

    Donna H. - Bridgewater, VA

  • "From the road there appears to be two entrances to the property. We took one that led to gate that was broken with a small hand sign saying that entrance was closed. We had to back down the narrow road to go around. Why make customers drive that extra quarter mile to discover a malfunction close it off invest in a sign out at the turn off fix the issue. Do something professional."

    Robert Brooks - Richmond

  • "I had a great experience from the young lady that greeted me at the entrance to the time I left the lot. Everyone was great to do business. The drivers were a joy to talk to on the way to and from the airport."

    Jones - Woodbridge, VA

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the experience… and will use again as well as tell others about it..."

    Janet S C. - Toano, VA

  • "It was easy for me to try out your facilities as the descriptions on your website indicated safe and secure parking and transportation to and from the airport. Arriving at your car park: I was provided immediately with a parking spot and I paid the initial fee, your bus was following me, its driver on his decision picked up my luggage without the slightest hesitation and drove me (the sole passenger!) to the airport. Returning after one week: later than my time quoted (due to weather influences) a Park'N Go bus appeared quickly at the airport, this one's driver unhesitatingly loaded the luggage of several passengers, drove each one to their own parked car and even loaded my luggage directly into the boot of my car(!). Equally quick were the payment facilities when leaving Park'N Go late in the evening. I already know where I am going to park my car the next time and I already mentioned it to several friends. It really can't get any better."

    ALBRECHT B. - Chesterfield VA

  • "I am forever grateful to my Morgan Stanley advisor for suggesting this parking lot. We live 3 hours west of Richmond in the extreme boonies, and not having to manuever through Richmond traffic the rest of the way to the airport, or park at the airport and take that extra time getting out of the airport, well, I would still park in your lot even if the cost was the same as airport parking! I'll be telling everybody I know who may be flying out of Richmond about your fabulous lot!"

    Deborah S. - Monterey, VA

  • "I will definitely be using Park'N Go again! I love everything about them! So convenient for Richmond airport parking"

    A.P. - Virginia

  • "Very happy with the rates and the service. I will continue to park here when I fly!"

    Marshaun G. - Richmond, VA

  • "Everything about our experience was great except that when we went to check out, the price we were charged was more than quoted. When we got the quote earlier in the week it quoted a daily rate and added 6.5% taxes. This was fine till we go to the checkout when the operator indicated it was more because of an "airport tax". The additional cost was not excessive but I think it should have been included on the initial quote. We felt a little taken."

    Ken Shaffer - Bumpass, VA

  • "I had an awesome experience parking here! The staff was friendly and competent; The service was fast and the location was great. I have, and will continue to, recommend this to anyone who will listen."

    Porshe - Roanoke Rapids, NC

  • "I'm so glad you guys are in town! I'll definitely recommend your service."

    Sandro D. - Richmond, VA

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