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5015 W Hillsborough Ave.
Tampa, FL 33634


Parking Lot Overview

Park your car near Tampa International Airport simply, inexpensively and quickly. We offer free shuttle service to and from your departure gate. Our customers enjoy less stress and hassle when traveling - so should you. Take comfort in our safe and secure parking just minutes from the airport.

Premier Parking TPA is located just 1.5 miles from airport, just a 5 minute shuttle ride. Wait in our air-conditioned, comfortable lobby.

When you return from your trip and have your luggage in hand, just call our local number on your claim check, and we'll pick you up. Take the hassle out of parking at the airport, book your reservation today!

Customer Reviews Summary

Convenience (9/10)

Most users found the service to be quick and efficient, noting that it greatly simplified the parking process.

Customer Service (3/10)

Several users reported difficulties in getting a response from the company, both through phone calls and messages.

Shuttle Service (7/10)

While most users appreciated the helpfulness and courtesy of the shuttle drivers, some mentioned that the ride was bumpy and there were space limitations.

Location (9/10)

Although a few users mentioned difficulty in finding the entrance to the parking lot, overall, the location was considered convenient.

Efficiency (7/10)

Users generally had a smooth experience with the service, with prompt pick-ups and quick parking processes. However, some reported delays in getting a response or waiting for the shuttle.

Staff (9/10)

The staff was consistently described as courteous, helpful, and polite, offering good service to customers.

Facility (6/10)

While some users mentioned difficulties in finding the parking lot and suggested the need for better signage, others found the facility to be satisfactory.

Security (8/10)

Although specific details about the security measures were not mentioned, users generally felt that the parking lot had appropriate security with the presence of a fence.

Price (8/10)

Users appreciated the affordable pricing of the service, considering it a good value for money.

Overall Experience (8/10)

Based on the reviews, the overall experience with the airport parking service was positive, with users highlighting the convenience, location, and helpful staff. However, there were some issues with customer service, shuttle service, and facility signage, which contributed to a rating of 8 out of 10.


  • "Hard working gentlemen, impressed that my car was ready when I got to the lot with the A/C on, thanks guys!"

    David R.

  • "Freddy who drove the shuttle was extremely courteous and kind! A true pleasure to ride with and an asset to this company. Everyone else was courteous as well. I would definitely do this again."

    Kelly Plumbing

  • "1 It was not easy to find your lot with no signage on the road.2 Driver loaded the luggage in the van but offered no help bringing the bags to the van.3 It took 3 calls for someone to answer the phone after we arrived back at the Tampa airport and got our luggage. Then it took 20 minutes for the van to arrive. 4 Again the driver loaded the luggage in the van but offered no help with bringing the bags to the van. 5 When we arrived at the lot out vehicle was not pulled up and ready for us. Again no help was offered with our bags even though 2 of your workers were standing there. Therefore we provided no tips!"

    Donald L Metzger

  • "Excellent place to park . Will park there everytime we fly out of tampa. The only thing that was a problem was finding it no signs in front on road telling you it was in back. Everything else was excellent."

    Michael Smack

  • "My experience with Premier Parking overall was GREAT!. The driver I had to the airport was very helpful and helped me with things to do on my trip to Costa Rica. The driver on the way back to my car traveled around the airport 1/2 hour looking for the other passenger. Good for them - bad for me. Thank you Premier Parking! I will be back."

    Janet C. - Bradenton, FL

  • "I can only say Premier Parking was a good experience. I went the day before to locate the parking lot (I work close by and had heard it was hard to locate), so day of flight I knew exactly where to go. The shuttle was ready there and although they had passengers they didn't just pull off he waited - it wasn't a long wait as the driver assisted me with my bags while I checked in. I had already pre-paid so that wasn't a long wait either. Called when I picked up my bags and I did have to wait BUT that was my fault as I was at the wrong area.. So the driver actually was waiting on me... Overall a good experience. The key is to be prepared... I will be using you again... PS Did I mention it was a good price...:)"

    Cookie - Wesley Chapel

  • "The driver of the shuttle was very nice but the ride was very bumpy and we had to leave some passengers behind because of space. Other than that, it is a great savings!"

    Jessica - Tampa, Fl

  • "No problems at all. Parking went well and I was promptly taken to the airport. The car was waiting for me on my return."

    Henry E W. - Hernando, FL

  • "My only challenge was calling and getting "on the other line..." message and not knowing what to do next - except keep dialing. Got to a live person on the third attempt."

    Jerryjessika1 W P.

  • "Uour staff is awesome. The only problem i had was they did not give me a ticket for my car and the only information i had was the original phone number so i had atleast a45 minute wait. Otherwise it was great."

    Linda Ann Laing

  • "The marking of the lot sucks. It is not easy to find. Not exactly the greatest facility, but the driver was courteous and we got only had to wait a few minutes for the shuttle. Had to wait about 45 minutes for someone at the airport when we returned."

    Bill G. - Homosassa, FL

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