Aladdin Airport Parking

San Diego (SAN) Airport Parking

2548 Kettner Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101


Parking Lot Overview

Aladdin San Diego Airport Parking is a trusted company offering quality parking spaces at a great location close to San Diego Airport. Safe and Secure - Open 24 hours. Well lit multilevel parking structure with 24 hour security. Best value at SAN Airport! Located 1.3 miles East of the Airport.

Free transportation to and from the airport. Free shuttle leaves every 5-10 minutes. Service also available to the Cruise Pier.

Parking Options

  • Indoor Self
  • Indoor Valet
  • Rooftop Self Parking

Customer Reviews Summary

Convenience (9/10)

Most users found the service to be quick and efficient, noting that it greatly simplified the parking process.

Customer Service (8/10)

The staff was helpful and friendly, providing excellent pick up and drop off times. However, there were a few instances where the shuttle didn't wait long enough or didn't see customers waiting.

Location (7/10)

The parking service is conveniently located with shuttle service to and from the airport. Additionally, EVgo charging stations are available on the premises.

Efficiency (9/10)

The service was quick and efficient, with users reporting short wait times for shuttle pickups and a smooth process overall.

Price (8/10)

Overall, users were impressed with the service and price. However, some users were surprised to find out that the full price was not paid upfront, which caused some confusion during checkout.

Amenities (7/10)

Customers loved the hot cocoa available at Aladdin, adding a nice touch to their experience. However, no other amenities were mentioned.

Reliability (9/10)

Users reported being picked up within 10 minutes of calling upon arrival at the airport, showing that the service is reliable and prompt.

Referral (9/10)

Many customers expressed their intention to refer the service to fellow travelers, indicating a high level of satisfaction and trust.

Overall Experience (9/10)

The majority of customers had a great experience with the service, praising its convenience, efficiency, and reliability. While there were some minor issues with customer service and amenities, the overall satisfaction level was high.


  • "Great place to park: close to airport and quick pick ups."

    Richard Morgan

  • "Great location, shuttle service to and from the airport. EVgo at premises..."

    Rene Arce - Oceanside

  • "It was great. Shuttle to airport was quick. I called the number and they said they run to the airport every 10 minutes. I did not even have to wait 10 minutes for shuttle to arrive."

    Marie Kasmer

  • "We had a problem with our flight that didn't cause a problem with our parking at Aladdin. The last thing we needed was another problem. Thank you for making our returning easier. Everybody loved the hot cocoa there at Aladdin by the way. Great Job!! Will definitely refer you to fellow travelers and will definitely use Aladdin again!"

    Robert E Pettersen - Morongo Valley, Ca

  • "Overall impressed with the service and price. One thing I did not notice at time of purchase that I was not paying the full price upfront and that threw me a bit when checking out, but again, overall impressed."

    Bryan P Gloeckl

  • "Picked up within 10 minutes from calling when I arrived at the airport."

    Leonides Nepomuceno - San Diego

  • "I called for shuttle three times, first after leaving the terminal I spotted the shuttle, but it didn\'t wait long enough until we could cross the street on terminal one. Second time I saw the shuttle stopped at the pick up area, but the driver didn\'t see us coming and left. Third time is great."


  • "Great service as promised by ad. Pick up and drop off times are excellent. Staff very helpful and friendly too. Definitely recommend!"

    Mary J George-Solorio - Chula Vista

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