Burlingame Airport Parking

San Francisco (SFO) Airport Parking

620 Airport Blvd.
Burlingame, CA 94010


Parking Lot Overview

If you need off-airport parking for SFO, Burlingame Airport Parking is a great lot that comes highly recommended. There is easy access to the airport, and there is contactless entry into the gated parking lot. You can reserve a parking spot close to the airport that is safe, well-lit, and cost-effective. The parking lot is large and has plenty of parking spaces to choose from. They have excellent and reliable shuttle service to and from San Francisco Airport. It is a seamless pick-up and drop-off service, managed by drivers who are polite and helpful. To catch the shuttle at the lot, there are two covered waiting booths where travelers can wait to be picked up. From the airport, there is a shuttle pick-up location at every SFO terminal. The shuttle runs on a continuous loop every 30 minutes between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and midnight. However, the parking lot is still accessible 24/7. Once you arrive back at the airport, there is no need to call for a pickup; just follow the signage directing you to the Hotel Shuttle pickup location.

The Burlingame lot is adjacent to the Hilton SF Airport Hotel. The lot is easy to get to, as it is just off Highway 101. Take Anza Blvd, exit 419A, and continue on Anza Blvd until Airport Blvd. Make a right on Airport Blvd. and continue past/around the curve. You will see the parking lot and Burlingame Airport Parking signage to your left.

To enter the lot, please scan your QR code at the box with the red flashing lights. If the QR code is not scanning, please pull a paper ticket and enter the lot.

To exit the lot, scan your QR code at the exit terminal with the flashing red light. Note: If you did not scan to enter, pull a ticket, or push the help button to enter the lot, you will need to visit the Hilton hotel front desk for assistance.

Parking Amenities

  • Complimentary shuttle
  • Open 24 hours
  • Luggage assistance

Parking Options

  • Outdoor Self

Customer Reviews Summary

Convenience (9/10)

Most users found the service to be quick and efficient, noting that it greatly simplified the parking process.

Value for Money (7/10)

Customers felt that the service offered good value, but some mentioned the need to obtain a ticket to exit the parking lot.

Ease of Entry and Exit (6/10)

Several customers had difficulties entering and exiting the parking lot, experiencing issues with the barcode scanner and number pad. This caused inconvenience and delays for tired travelers.

Shuttle Service (9/10)

Customers praised the shuttle drivers for their friendliness and the lack of wait time. The shuttle service provided a really good experience for the price.

Customer Service (9/10)

A specific staff member was mentioned for being helpful and friendly, contributing to the overall positive experience of customers.

Gate Scanner (8/10)

While the overall experience was great, customers mentioned the need for improvement in the gate scanner. They had to scan multiple times for it to work and open the gate.

Customer Support (8/10)

Some customers faced difficulty in getting assistance when encountering issues with the QR code. It was challenging to get someone to respond to the call for help request.

Overall Experience (8.5/10)

The majority of customers had a great overall experience with the airport parking service, with the only minor issues being the gate scanner and customer support. Overall, the service provided convenience, value for money, efficient shuttle service, and helpful customer service.


  • "The lady working the hotel desk last Thursday 1 am was very helpful and friendly."

    Sandra Buckerfield

  • "It was great overall. Only issue we had was the QR code not scanning and it was difficult to get someone to answer the call for help request."

    Helen David

  • "Overall very good , the scanner machine at the gates going in and out needs to be improved. We had to scan way to many times for it to work and open the gate other then that all was good."

    William F - California

  • "Good value but be sure to get the ticket to allow you to leave from the parking lot."

    Kevin - Sacramento

  • "Getting in and out of the parking lot was not a good experience. I was able to get in after multiple attempts at using the bar code. A whole line of people could not get OUT of the lot! We all ended up getting out of our cars, trying the number pad, calling the office and someone off-site let us through. Each car had to get out and go through the process. It was a mess, especially when you are tired after a long trip."

    Lenore Greene - Morgan HIll

  • "We have parked here many times and have no complaints other than difficulty with the scanner reading the QR code."

    James M Costantini - Dublin

  • "First time using a service like this, very pleased.. only issue after LONG day of travel, was to get scan/card to let me out and drive 2 hours home.. everyone was great ;)"

    Diane Lott-Garcia

  • "Shuttle drivers are really nice, no wait at all. Really good experience for the price."

    Beatriz Contreras - California

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