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Good value but be sure to get the ticket to allow you to leave from the parking lot.
02/24/2020Kevin - Sacramento
Getting in and out of the parking lot was not a good experience. I was able to get in after multiple attempts at using the bar code.

A whole line of people could not get OUT of the lot! We all ended up getting out of our cars, trying the number pad, calling the office and someone off-site let us through. Each car had to get out and go through the process. It was a mess, especially when you are tired after a long trip.
02/14/2020Lenore Greene - Morgan HIll
First time using a service like this, very pleased.. only issue after LONG day of travel, was to get scan/card to let me out and drive 2 hours home.. everyone was great ;)
02/06/2020Diane Lott-Garcia
Shuttle drivers are really nice, no wait at all. Really good experience for the price.
02/03/2020Beatriz Contreras - California