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Xpress Airport Parking

Orlando International Airport

5600 Butler National Dr.
Orlando, FL, 32812

4.5 out of 5
Airport Parking Rating


08/26/2015Ray F S - The Villages, Florida
I have used Xpress Parking since it's inception, which is several years now. On this trip I experienced both the best and the worst experiences ever. The driver who transported us to the airport was absolutely the best ever. Since my wife and I were running late, he graciously dropped us off first even though he had to alter his normal route, just so we wouldn't miss our flight. My thanks to him. The worst experience was on our return. At the checkout counter the young man working the register was surly, pompous, rude, condescending, and made vulgar remarks to his co-worker as I left the counter. I think he expected me to go immediately out the door after I had settled my bill so that I wouldn't hear what he said, however I had forgotten to pick up my glasses off the counter and I stopped suddenly and returned to get them and that's when I heard the vulgar remark he made about me. Needless to say I will not use Xpress Parking on my next trip. No one should have to deal with someone who has that attitude.

09/05/2015KLS - PORT ST LUCIE, FL
I have always parked directly at airport but becasue of rising cost I decided to try a "park and Fy". My experience was awesome! The only catch is they left you off at the lower level NOT at "Arrivals" so you have to drag your luggage through the terminal and up the elevator. If that doesn't bother you then this setup is PERFECT!