Newark Liberty (EWR) Airport Parking Guide, Updated 2023

By Melissa Ruiz | 2023

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Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), established in the 1920s, caters to travelers from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Situated on the Hudson River's western banks, within the bustling New York Metropolitan area, EWR stands as the fifteenth busiest airport in the United States.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey oversees the airport, which has three operational terminals with a total of 121 gates, as well as its parking facilities. Because of the high volume of traffic, parking at EWR may become overwhelmingly crowded and potentially expensive, depending on the length of your trip.

This guide is intended to simplify your parking options at EWR by walking you through each lot and helping you save money.

What Are the Parking Options at Newark Airport?

When you visit EWR's official parking page, you will notice that the airport has three types of parking that you can either drive up to or reserve:

  • Short-Term Parking (terminal parking)
  • Daily Parking (P4 garage)
  • Economy Parking (P6)

The parking areas that fill up the quickest are the short-term parking garages adjacent to the terminals and the economy parking at the P6 lot.

Traveler Tip: Before you go, navigate to Newark Liberty’s official website and check the parking page for real-time information on parking availability.

Short-Term Parking at EWR

The parking structures located directly across from EWR’s terminals are considered short-term parking. There are three parking structures, one for each terminal (A, B, and C).

While travelers can park overnight at the short-term parking garage, these parking areas are best for shorter parking stays and quick drop-offs at the airport. It is ideal for vehicles that plan to park for less than 30 minutes or up to an hour.

The short-term parking garages are the most expensive places to park at EWR. To give you a better idea of what it would cost, parking garage A costs $65 per day and parking garages B and C cost $75 per day.

Long-Term Parking at EWR:

For those requiring parking for an extended duration, long-term options are available at the P4 Garage and at the Economy Lot, P6. These parking areas are not as close as the short-term parking garages but still provide rather easy access to EWR’s terminals.

The Daily Parking Garage P4 is where visitors can catch the AirTrain. The AirTrain will take you to any of the three terminals, ensuring a seamless transfer for travelers and airport visitors.

According to Newark Liberty’s AirTrain page, from P4’s AirLink station, these are the travel times for each terminal:

  • Terminal A - 20 minutes
  • Terminal B -11 minutes
  • Terminal C - 7 minutes

Economy Lot P6 is located just outside the airport, off Brewster Road. It is probably easiest to arrive from SR 9 via Port Street. The website for Newark Liberty claims that a shuttle arrives every 5-7 minutes, but plan for it to be closer to 10 minutes. The free shuttle operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Directions to EWR’s Economy Lot P6: 112 Brewster Rd., Newark, NJ 07114

Traveler Tip: If you want to park in the Economy Lot, you should reserve a spot in advance. This lot tends to fill up quickly because it has the lowest daily rate.

Discovering Off-Site EWR Parking

At Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), parking options extend beyond the official airport facilities. The numerous off-airport parking lots conveniently situated near major roadways around EWR offer travelers an accessible and economical choice.

If you're unfamiliar with off-airport parking, it encompasses private parking lots usually located within a few miles of the airport. Travelers can securely park their vehicles at these lots and take advantage of shuttle services to reach their respective terminals smoothly.

Why opt for off-airport parking? The primary allure lies in the substantial cost savings, particularly for those in need of long-term parking solutions. It’s an excellent alternative for budget-conscious travelers. The best prices for off-site parking typically range between $10 and $20 per day.

Also, many travelers like to avoid the airport's usual chaos by parking in a quieter lot that is easy to get to and then taking a shuttle to their terminal. This alternative not only saves you money but also gives you a more relaxed start to your trip. Just keep in mind that you will need to take some time to arrive at the lot, check-in, and board the shuttle.

Can you reserve parking at Newark Airport?

Yes, Newark Airport allows you to pre-book parking for all of its parking zones, including short-term, daily, and economy parking. To use this service, you must reserve your parking space at least 24 hours in advance. However, the airport has a flexible amendment policy that allows changes to your parking reservation up to one hour before the start of your parking stay.

Pre-booking your parking spot has a number of advantages. For starters, after the initial 24-hour period, the daily parking rate will be at a discount. Second, knowing that you have a reserved parking space alleviates any anxiety about finding a spot during the airport rush. Also, the ability to pay online speeds up the process and makes it less stressful overall.

Does Newark Airport have EV charging stations?

Newark Airport has charging stations available on certain levels in the Daily Parking Lot P4 and Garage A.

  • Daily parking lot P4 - ground level
  • Garage A - levels 4 and 5

The charging stations are tied to ChargePoint and PowerFlex and are free of charge.

How much is parking at Newark Airport (EWR)?

Parking at Newark Airport costs between $35.00 and $70.00 for the first 24 hours, depending on the lot. The closer the parking lot is to the terminals, the higher the daily rate is.

According to an advisory from the Port Authority of NY & NJ, on June 15 2023, the parking fees for all three airports they manage were increased, including EWR. Here is a breakdown of the most current rates:

Parking Garages and Lots Pre-book and Drive-up rates
Short-Term Parking A From $5.25 the first half hour to $65 daily
Short-Term Parking B and C From $10.50 after the first half hour $70 daily
Daily Parking P4 From $4.25 the first half hour to $60 daily
Economy Parking P6 $35 for the first 24 hours, then $17.50 per every 12 hours

Is there free parking at Newark Airport?

Newark Airport has a free Cell Phone Lot located on Brewster Road, directly across from Daily Parking Lot P4. If you are picking someone up or waiting for a passenger's arrival and baggage collection, this lot is ideal. It was specifically designed to provide a safe and convenient area for vehicles while waiting for incoming travelers.

Please keep in mind that the Cell Phone Lot is not intended for long-term parking; rather, it provides a cost-free waiting area to facilitate a smooth, hassle-free pickup process. By using this service, you ensure a smooth pick-up experience while avoiding parking fees.

Top 3 Money-Saving Strategies for EWR Parking: Plan Smart and Pay Less

  1. Early Bird Research: Procrastination can cost you when it comes to airport parking, especially at a busy hub like EWR. Don't leave parking considerations for the eleventh hour. Instead, dedicate some time well ahead of your travel date to explore the parking options available. Weigh the balance between cost and convenience to choose a parking area that aligns with your preferences and budget.
  2. Explore Off-Airport Parking: Broaden your horizons beyond the airport premises and consider parking at one of the nearby lots. If you're unsure where to begin, EWR provides a list of recommended off-airport parking lots. Alternatively, utilize platforms like ParkON, which facilitates a comparative view of several lots at once, assisting you in finding the most economical choice. Off-airport parking will usually be the most budget-friendly option.
  3. Reserve Your Spot in Advance: Newark Airport extends the facility of pre-booking parking spots. This feature is particularly beneficial if you foresee a parking need for two or more days. After the initial 24-hour period, the daily rate is reduced from full price, making pre-booking a savvy approach to saving on parking expenses.

Navigating through parking options at Newark Liberty International Airport doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a blend of on-site and off-site options catering to varying budgets and needs, finding a suitable parking spot is simplified. Early reservations, especially for off-site lots, can further ensure a hassle-free and economical parking experience.

We hope this guide was helpful and enlightening. Visit our Newark (EWR) parking page to start a search and reserve a parking spot for your next trip.

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