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QuikPark LAX

Los Angeles International Airport

9821 Vicksburg ave.
Los Angeles, CA, 90045

4.5 out of 5
Airport Parking Rating


QuickPark (Open 24/7)

Driving distance to LAX: 1.8 miles
Type of parking: Indoor Self, Indoor Valet
Clearance: 6’6”

Extra charge for SUVs, vans and trucks: No

Competitive rates and friendly service just half a block from LAX. Modern covered indoor parking facility featuring both self and valet parking. Free shuttle service 24/7 on big modern shuttle buses with “Airport Center” and “QuickPark LAX” logos on each. Luggage assistance is complimentary.

Additional services:
Car wash service is available. Please inquire upon check-in. Shuttle carts to your car.

Additional information:

First four floors are reserved for valet parking and monthly users. Please, park your car over 4th floor.

Upon arrival, wait for shuttle to pick you up at red COURTESY SHUTTLE (Red Tram Stop) signs in front of each of the terminals. Shuttle buses serve both Airport Center and QuickPark facilities and will be cruising through all LAX terminals and both of these parking lots.

Upon your arrival to the lot at the end of your trip, go to the office to pay for your parking before heading to your car.


09/02/2015Jose L.
I have used QuikPark facility the last 5 times I have traveled out of LAX in the last few months. The location is well lit and secure. The staff and shuttle drivers are great. I will continue to use QuikPark when flying out of LAX.

09/16/2015Anonymous - Los Angeles
I always park here when available. I have tried others along the same road and this is by far the more efficient parking structure and the cost is great too.

01/05/2017Kevin Combs
Wait times from the parking facility to the airport can be lengthy at times. Pickup from the airports are shorter waits than other parking services.

11/16/2015Susan J Richards
Always get the Valet parking - it saves you so much time and your car is always waiting when you return.

11/14/2015Stacy Hall
Shuttle was there when I dropped off my car. On my return, the shuttle was quick to arrive. I did valet and my car was there and ready to go as soon as I got off the shuttle. Everyone was very friendly. I will definitely park here again!!

11/14/2015Linda A Miller - Chino Hills, CA
This was the second time I had parked here and I forgot where I was suppose to stand for pick up. The driver that dropped me off did NOT tell me but the one that picked me up was nice enough to wait when I flagged him down on my return. I will definitely use you again and recommend you to all my friends.

09/10/2015Glenn C.
I was gone for over two weeks and when I got back to my car the battery was dead. The staff didn't hesitate in helping me. They connected my car battery to their charging cart and in a few minutes I was on my way. I really appreciate the service and friendly staff. After a long trip away from home for business the last thing I wanted to deal with was a dead battery. Thanks for making my parking experience a great one.

08/26/2015Tony - Irvine
Pulled in and was greeted by employee, one minute later on shuttle to airport when I came back to LAX I called them for pickup, they arrived 5 mins later. Great service !!! Can't go wrong… will use everytime when at LAX.

06/25/2015lax flyer
I will definitely park here when departing from LAX. I also told my friends about this lot.

06/25/2015Natalie Heer
I used to love going to a cheaper facility close to here but when it was sold out, I decided to give QuikPark a try. I am SO happy I did and would highly recommend it to anyone. The parking structure is MODERN, CLEAN and CONVENIENT. I didn't have to spend hours looking for an empty spot and it's great that they're covered spots, not like a cheap outdoor lot. The elevators are efficient and take you right to where the shuttles are. And about the shuttles...they are on it! They have tons of shuttles. I didn't have to wait at all getting to the airport or coming back. Both drivers were excellent. I wish I knew the name of the first guy because he helped us not miss our flight. Construction has been awful at LAX, it would have taken us forever to get around so he suggested we walk and get there faster. We didn't mind at all and thanks to his advice we made our flight! He's an angel. On the way back Juan picked me up. He was sweet and courteous. When I realized that I had forgotten my car keys back at my last destination he helped me get a uber to go home and get my spare. I went 2 hrs over the time I had stated because of this mishap but it was still under 24 hours of when I went into the parking lot so I was not charged more. The lady who I talked to in the office was so helpful with this issue. I don't like taking the time to review things, but this place is great. Traveling is already stressful and I want to help others go to a place that is dependable. Even though it was more expensive than my usual go-to. I would go to this place instead in a heart beat. Well worth it!