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Name: Daniel Naqui
School name: Cape Coral High School

Analyze the effects of driverless cars on airport parking. What are the benefits of using airport parking and what are the cons?

“Sooner or later, we’ll have flying cars” ...Well, wait just a minute! That may take quite a while to happen, however, driverless cars have already been developed, tested and will hit the market somewhere in the near future. These cars still have ethical circumstances that lead society to believe that they will be a hindrance, rather than a benefit to society. However, when it comes to airport parking, it’s a completely different story.

If driverless cars become a common occurrence in the future, then airport parking will improve tremendously. Navigating through airport parking is oftentimes the most difficult part of the travelling process. Yet, if everyone had self-driving cars, there would be far less for navigation confusion because the machines would know exactly where to go. In turn, self-driving cars would lead to lower stress levels, which allows people to truly enjoy their traveling rather than having to deal with pain, stress, and annoyance caused by airport parking.

We all know that airport parking in general can have its ups and downs. For starters, it’s a positive because it allows the commuter to feel comfortable and safe in their own vehicle, rather than travelling to the airport via Uber or other taxi service. Those services have recently gone under fire due to passenger safety violations. Basically, travelling via third party services, as well as by public transportation, can be unreliable and unpleasant for most commuters. Plus, airport parking is necessary for those who are picking up friends and family and feel that they should go inside of the airport. This can make finding their loved one much easier, and is usually the right thing to do. It may be a long walk, but it is certainly worth it because it can be far cheaper option than using a third-party service and avoids the development of a reliance on somebody to pick you up or drop you off at the airport.

Yet, the downside to airport parking is that it can become awfully expensive, especially if the traveler is staying for an extended period of time. It’s typical for airports to charge tens of dollars per day when parking in their designated lots, and that can quickly add up! This is exactly why many people have turned towards taxi services and public transportation for all of their transportation needs when getting to and from the airport. When third parties become too expensive, most people will generally have family and friends take them to the airport. They may buy their companion lunch for their troubles, but even that could be less expensive than hundreds of dollars spent just for airport parking.

But, with the help of private services (such as ParkOn), airport parking can become affordable and easier to navigate. With these services, airport parking can be reserved, pre-paid, and paid all with the touch of a button! Therefore, it’s important for commuters to do their own research into the most affordable options. After all, everything will depend on the individual circumstances, and each case will be different in regards to what is the most affordable option.

Overall, airport parking is a necessity and makes a positive impact on our society as we stand today. Despite the emergence of self-driving car technology in the headlines, airport parking isn’t going away anytime soon. Thus, society should embrace the difficulties that it may cause, and choose to look past them by focusing on the overwhelming positives that it brings. Airport parking provides a safe place for one’s car to stay during travels, is affordable and is a safer option than third party taxi services. Costs may be a hindrance to the option, which is why it is important for travelers to weight all of their options and decide what is best for them and their wallets.