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Name: Luis Palma
School name: Miami Dade College - Kendall Campus

Airport Parking Consumer Behavior in the Age of Uber

When one fuses together traditional and modern technology, the efficiency of heavy influx can greatly improve. Developing a technological parking garage adjacent to the terminals will improve traffic and clutter that airports experience in peak hours. Larger stations for car riding services can open up. An app tailored to the occupancy levels of a parking garage may be created. Longer grace periods can be exclusive to the top floor of the garage. Looking at top-rated airports for inspiration is an excellent route to exercise when in need of addressing the plethora of inconveniences travelers experience while en route to boarding their respective aircrafts.

Roadblocks are the primary reason as to why airports experience high volumes of traffic at the terminals. Something that stimulates traffic jams at airports are car riding services like Lyft & Uber. This may be addressed by creating a section that commences at the beginning of the road, where drivers station their vehicles while the individual walks to this destination. By condensing the drivers in one single area, consumers can swiftly spot their driver, thereby reducing the hustle and bustle of running amok and searching for the driver on the road. This has already been somewhat implemented to a few airports, however, with a more aggressive effort, this can definitely be updated.

Families of travelers experience firsthand the frustrations of having to station a vehicle when time-pressed. Placing sensors that identify how many vehicles are stationed in each floor may assist the driver in locating a parking space. By developing an app which connects to the sensors, individuals would then have the opportunity to both pay via their phone and track down exactly what floor to drive to. This strategy also helps organizers of this garage, considering this equips management with statistics and influx levels during certain periods of time. After each quarter of the year, one will be able to view the long-term occupancy levels and conjure a plan to further smoothen the parking process.

Looking at world-class airports for inspiration, such as Singapore’s Changi Airport, grace periods for stationing vehicles are imperative to the reduction of terminal and parking traffic. Hosting an exclusive floor dedicated to individuals who require 45 minutes to unload, gather last-minute items, and share their farewells can stimulate a more seamless flow. By applying this method, paying guests can reach their vehicles rapidly and maintain a cooler vehicle, considering they’ll all be under a roof in lower level floors. All vehicles under the umbrella of this lengthened grace period will need to retrieve their vehicles on the highest floor, by doing this, these vehicles may be more easily regulated by a supervisor to ensure the time stationed doesn’t get abused. Should 45 minutes be too long, this can easily be adjusted to 30 minutes instead.

With modern technology at hand, the advances the airport industry can make are endless. Merging conventional methods with contemporary tactics is an approach that’s crucial to minimize parking and terminal traffic at airports. The emergence of car riding services needs to be addressed in a way that can better assist the flow for terminal traffic purposes. Parking apps have already appeared in various shopping malls and hospital garages and have proven to succeed. The existence of lengthened grace periods in parking garages have been around for a long time in top-rated airports. To reach unparalleled services in this industry, leaders must accept the unique ideas that have been long entertained, yet hardly ever executed. Only then, will one be equipped with the ability to do it better than anyone and everyone else.