Marriott LAX Parking: Customer Reviews and Parking Details

By Melissa Ruiz | 2023

Marriott LAX Parking Information

Many travelers rely on reviews to make well-informed decisions. When it comes to airport parking and finding the best spot near LAX, the location you choose has a large impact on your overall trip experience. It is critical to find the ideal location that meets your needs and preferences.

In this blog post, we will go over customer feedback and ratings, talk about amenities, and give you more information about the Marriott LAX parking experience. Whether you are staying at a hotel or just need a place to park your car for a few days, we hope this blog post helps you make an informed decision.

Let us start with a common question: Is parking available at Marriott LAX? Absolutely! You can park your car at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, which is conveniently located on W. Century Boulevard.

Let me now address another frequently asked question: Is it required to be a guest at the Marriott in order to park there? No, it does not. While the Marriott offers park-and-fly packages for their visitors, they also provide indoor self-parking and indoor valet parking for those who just need a different option than LAX airport parking.

Airport parking can be booked easily through their trusted parking partners. ParkON has been serving customers as a long-standing partner of the Marriott Los Angeles Airport for many years. LAX Marriott Parking is available on our website.

Curious about how people like parking at the Marriott LAX? Let's delve into authentic reviews and hear what people have to say!

This is from a guest who stayed at the hotel and booked a Park, Stay, and Fly package: "Room and 7-day parking made the trip to the LAX more comfortable, allowing you to be in the zone of the airport for quick and easy departure and parking."

This is a review from Larry C., a customer who reserved parking through our website: “For many years, I have been using this website for Marriott LAX Parking and will continue to do so. Friendly Marriott staff!”

Sylvia from Palm Springs provided the following feedback: "This is the best parking experience I've had near LAX. The valet took my car, loaded my luggage into the van, and off to the airport. When I arrived back in LA, van picked us up within 10 min of our arrival at the pick-up point. Took about 5 min at the hotel for them to retrieve my car and load it with our luggage. Will use this service again."

Before we wrap up, we'd like to address one more topic about Marriott LAX Parking: how much does parking cost? Indoor self-parking reserved on ParkON will cost you between $15 and $19 per day. Indoor valet parking normally costs between $30 and $35 per day.

Overall, Marriott LAX Parking offers great convenience and service, whether you choose self-parking or valet parking. The rates are also competitively priced, making it an ideal choice for those seeking short-term or long-term parking solutions. With a convenient location near the airport and helpful staff to ensure your car is safe, Marriott LAX Parking is an excellent option when visiting Los Angeles.