JFK Airport Parking Information and FAQs

How Much is Parking at JFK?

Terminal lot parking at JFK Airport is charged in half-hour increments until a vehicle has reached the 24-hour maximum. Half an hour rates start at $4 to $6 and up to $70 to $80 per day.

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How Much is Long-Term Parking at JFK?

The Long-Term Parking at JFK costs from $9 to $49.99 a day. After the first 24 hours, terminal parking is charged in 12-hour increments from $12.50 to $17.50.

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What is Considered Long-term Parking at JFK?

Vehicles can park at JFK Airport for up to 30 days. All parking at JFK has overnight parking including the terminal parking garages. This means any of the parking areas at JFK airport can technically be used for long-term parking. The most commonly used lots for parking long-term at JFK are the Federal Circle Station Parking Lot and the Economy Lot on Lefferts Blvd. Off-Airport parking is another option that is regularly used for long-term or overnight parking when flying out of JFK.

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Where to Park at JFK?

To park close to the terminals, there are currently 4 Terminal parking garages open at JFK. For more economical or long-term parking rates, you can park at the Federal Circle Station, and Long Term Parking at the Economy Lot on Lefferts Blvd.

To pick someone up at the airport, you may wait for free at either of the two Cell Phone Waiting Lots at JFK. There is one Cell Phone Lot off the Van Wyck Expressway and the other Cell Phone Lot is off the JFK Expressway.

  • Terminal 1, park at the Red Lot
  • Terminal 2, park at the Red Lot
  • Terminal 4, park at the Blue Lot
  • Terminal 5, park at the Yellow Lot
  • Terminal 7, park at the Orange Lot
  • Terminal 8, park at the Red Lot
  • Long Term or Economy Parking, park at the Federal Circle Station or Economy Parking

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Where to Park Near JFK Airport?

There are several lots and airport hotels that offer economical airport parking services near JFK Airport. Most parking lots are within minutes of the airport and close to the Belt Parkway between Lefferts Blvd and Rockaway Blvd. Use our JFK parking map to find parking locations near JFK airport.

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How Much is Overnight Parking at JFK Airport?

Overnight parking at JFK is $70 to $80 in the terminal lots, $35 in the Federal Circle Station Lot, or $25 in the JFK Discount Parking Lot.

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How Much is it to Leave a Car at JFK for a Week?

For on-airport parking a week can cost $245 at the most economical lot and go as high as $560 at the terminal lots. Off-airport parking can cost from $62.93 to $349.93 depending on the lot’s parking amenities.

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Where is the Cheapest Place to Park at JFK?

The cheapest place to park at JFK is at an off-airport parking lot. Off-airport parking rates are significantly cheaper than the rates you would pay at the airport. LAZ Parking in Jamaica Center is probably one the cheapest off-airport parking lots available near JFK Airport. They do not offer shuttle service but you can catch the subway at Jamaica Center and take it to Sutphin Blvd-Archer Ave to board the AirTrain.

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Do You Have Pre-book Parking at JFK?

Yes, JFK has pre-book parking available but reservations need to be made at least 48 hours in advance and pre-booked rates start after the first 24 hours. Vehicles pay full price parking for the first 24 hours.

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Where is the EV Parking at JFK?

The electric vehicle charging stations at JFK are at the Yellow Lot, ground level, and 10 EV charging stations in the West Cell Phone Lot by the Van Wyck Expressway.

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