JFK Parking Map

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is located in the Jamaica, Queens neighborhood approximately 16 miles southeast of Midtown Manhattan. From an airport being developed in a marshy area in Jamaica Bay, today it services 30+ million passengers a year. JFK was built with efficiency in mind, connecting travelers from Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Long Island to the airport via a network of bordering highways. These highways include Belt Parkway, the Van Wyck Expressway, Nassau Expressway, and the JFK Expressway. In addition to JFK's excellent access to these highways, it also integrates seamlessly with NYC's Public Transportation system.

If you are driving to the airport and want to know where to park near JFK, there are several off-airport parking providers within 5 miles of the airport. Most independent airport parking services include airport shuttle transportation in their daily rate pricing. In the rare case that they do not offer free transportation to JFK's terminals, it's a good idea to note where the nearest subway or AirTrain station is located. Finding a parking space near the airport will save you on parking rates whether you are looking for covered, uncovered, self-park, or valet parking.

Where to Park Near JFK Airport

Many New Yorkers are familiar with Queens but as you start researching locations to park your car, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods that surround JFK Airport. For your convenience, we have highlighted the best airport parking near JFK organized by neighborhood or surrounding area.

South Ozone Park
This area is on the northwest side of JFK where you can find several off-airport lots that are clustered between S. Conduit Avenue and Nassau Expy. These lots are mostly uncovered parking spots that are open 24 hours. In the case no shuttle service is available or want to board the AirTrain station, the Lefferts Boulevard Air Train station is within walking distance to most of these lots.

South Jamaica
This area is on the northeast side of JFK and has off-airport lots and a few airport hotels between S. Conduit Avenue and Rockaway Blvd. The parking services in this area tend to have covered parking and valet.

If you would like to park at an airport hotel with a parking service or need an overnight stay with parking, there are several airport hotels with park and fly services in these areas. We recommend making a parking reservation at the TWA Hotel on One Idlewild Drive, directly across from Terminal 5.

JFK Airport Parking Map

Parking Areas at JFK

JFK Terminal Parking
Overnight parking is allowed at JFK's Terminal lots but these parking spaces are more commonly used as short-term parking since parking charges are incurred by the half hour. Currently, JFK has 4 Terminal Parking facilities available, Orange, Red, Blue, and Yellow:

  • Terminal 4, Blue Lot
  • Terminal 5 Yellow Lot
  • Terminal 7 Orange Lot
  • Terminal 8 Red Lot
  • Terminals 1 & 2 Lots are closed. Vehicles are being redirected to park at the Red Lot.

To see parking availability in real-time, you can check JFK's official parking page.

JFK Cell Phone Lots
If you are visiting the airport to pick someone up, JFK has 2 Cell Phone Lots where you can safely wait until your passenger lands and has picked up their luggage at baggage claim.

  • The West Cell Phone Lot is in front of Federal Circle and can be accessed via Exit B on the Van Wyck Expressway.
  • The East Cell Phone Lot is on S Cargo Road and can be accessed via the JFK Expressway. Follow the signs leading to Terminal 4 and there will be a sign for the exit to the Cell Phone Lot.

Driving to JFK Airport

  • From Manhattan/New York City to Queens: Take I-278 and Grand Central Pkwy to I-678 S/Van Wyck Expressway to Queens.
  • From Brooklyn: A popular route is using Atlantic Ave to S Conduit Blvd W. You can then use the Nassau Expressway to connect to the Van Wyck Expwy S.
  • From Staten Island: Take the I-278 and exit to Belt Parkway and take it to I-678 S/Van Wyck Expressway to Queens.
  • From Long Island (east): Use the Southern State Pkwy and continue until you reach the JFK Expressway exit.

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