East Coast Car Rental & Airport Parking

Parking Lot Overview

East Coast Car Rental and Airport Parking is located 1 mile from Miami International airport. We provide indoor garage and outdoor airport parking. We have on demand free airport shuttle to and from your terminal.

Customer Reviews Summary

Convenience (9/10)

Most users found the service to be quick and efficient, noting that it greatly simplified the parking process.

Location (7/10)

Some users expressed concerns about the location, mentioning that it appeared shady and lacked security measures.

Customer Service (5/10)

Several users had negative experiences with the customer service, mentioning unhelpful and non-English speaking staff members.

Value for Money (8/10)

Overall, users felt that the service provided good value for money, with reasonable prices and convenient amenities.

Pickup/Drop-off (6/10)

Some users experienced delays or difficulties with the pickup and drop-off service, leading to inconvenience.

Cleanliness (9/10)

Users generally found the parking facilities to be clean and well-maintained, with the exception of a few instances where car washing services were not provided as expected.

Overall Experience (8/10)

Based on the reviews, the overall experience of using the airport parking service was positive, with users praising the convenience, value for money, and cleanliness.


  • "Will pass on to our friends. Great Service!"

    John P. - Fort Pierce, FL

  • "It is literally on the street, no security at all, I got there and nobody opened the door, I had to go and park at the airport because I wasted a lot of time waiting for someone to receive the car."

    Edgard R.

  • "Better signage may be a good idea - wasn't sure if I was in the correct place at first, but after that, everything was great. Excellent value, great location, quick pick-up and exit. 5 stars!"

    Alex Paul - Boca Raton

  • "All smoke and mirrors... They hit you up for more money when you arrive. And furthermore, They did not show up to pick us up... Had to take a cab to get my car... Do Not Use This Company !!"

    Glenn Berger - GLENN

  • ""DO NOT USE THIS PARKING GARAGE" Repeat !!! "DO NOT USE THIS PARKING GARAGE" They are a rip off scam... They charge very little, but then hit you up for indoor parking and then again to have your car vacuumed and washed for your return.. My car was not washed on my return.. Furthermore.. They give me a number to call on my return for them to come and pick me and my daughter up.. I called 6 times, which kept going to voice mail... I had to take a cab to get my car which cost me $12 dollars more.. Lastly the person didn't speak a word of English when I finally got to my car... My total experience cost me almost $40 dollars to park overnight. I was totally ripped off... Don't you be too !!!"

    Glenn Berger

  • "Fast service, very close to airport. I will recommend this company to all my friends."

    Martha R. - Orlando, FL

  • "Everything went very well, I'll use it again."

    Deborah B. - Fort Myers Beach, FL

  • "Everyone we dealt with was very nice. We were just hoping that we'd get picked up a little faster."

    Bette P. - Punta Gorda, FL

  • "Located in an industrial/warehouse area that is very crowded with cars, trucks, etc. Very short drive to MIA. Receptionist and driver very friendly, personable. A great value."

    DAVID G. - Naples, FL

  • "We had a GREAT experience with East Coast Airport Parking. Reservations were very easy to make online. Everything was just as advertised- great directions, very reasonable price, friendly staff, and very close to the airport. We will definitely use the next time we are flying out of MIA and need a place to park!!!"

    Glenn T. - Palm City, FL

  • "I will use East Coast Car Rental every time I fly out of Miami airport."

    Gordon J. - Wellington, FL

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