JFK Park and Go

JFK Park and Go
New York Kennedy (JFK) Airport

87-45 130th st.
Richmond Hill, NY 11434



  • "It worth the money."

    Gary Barron

  • "I have issues when I get my car back in a different condition from where I left it. My car appears to have been driven a lot. I left the car with a fill tank of gas, and I picked up the car with 3/4 tank. Also the radio station had been changed which suggest someone was in my car. In addition, my tire was had been changed. I was told my car had a flat, but I have new tires. When I took the car for the tire repair yesterday, I was told someone had been driving the car on a empty tire. I have never done that. I have a 2015 Nissan. I had to replace the tire at a cost of $135.00. Lastly, it seems my car was parked under a tree. I had bird poop all over my car. I am not sure of I should take legal action at tis time. It all depends on the response I receive from this company. The people where nice when I dropped off, but no one could answer questions when it was time to pick up."

    Nelson Morales

  • "Good job guys! Thank you for taking care of my truck."

    Christopher J Brandt

  • "If payments are required in advance and are made in cash customer should be informed in advance since location doesn't have change. Cars should be ready for pick up upon return to the lot not to wait extended periods of time for retrieval of the vehicle."

    Denise Hudson

  • "Hands down the WORST airport experience of my life. My flight arrived on time, the suitcases took the normal 20-25 minutes to be delivered.. but I would have never in a MILLION years guessed I would wait for 2 hours to be picked up by the shuttle. When I called to say I was ready, the operator told me it would take 10-15 minutes for the van to arrive. 30 minutes later, I was told to keep waiting, and that the driver was stuck in traffic. After 30 minutes, I was told to take the AirTrain to another terminal… such BS. I think you see the pattern. I will NEVER use this service again!"

    Lauren M - New York

  • "Honesty I'm not one to write 📝 reviews, but I do like to give credit💳 when credit is due.. That being said, I can honestly say my family 👪 and I had a decent experience with them. The whole process when we dropped off my car at the lot and being taken down to the JFK Airport after went smooth( mind you, my daughter is 8 yrs old and she has autism.. Needless to say she has zero patience). The pick up process had some hiccups but we were able to managed somehow. Once we picked up our luggage🛄, I called them to get us picked up.. They asked me which terminal we were on and they told me go somewhere else to get picked up.. But when you're trying to get around with backpacks🎒 and five pieces of luggage and an autistic child, things get a bit difficult to say the least.. So I had to call them back and once I explained my situation to the dispatcher she tried to help us the best she could. We waited for the shuttle between 30-40 minutes, and my daughter had to run to the bathroom🚽 right before the shuttle showed up.. But I have to say he was really patient and once we got to the lot I spoke to dispatcher and she was the nicest lady. In my opinion things are always going to go south... But what's important is how those situations are managed by the people providing the services and that's why I can't really complain too much about our experience."

    Jorge L Gonzalez - Raritan, NJ

  • "I was very happy with the service and would definitely use the service again. I do wish it wasn't down a side street in a somewhat scary neighborhood."

    Robert O. - Ct

  • "The initial greeting wasn't as pleasant. We were in a rush to reach the airport. Instead of emphasizing with our situation we got a lot of attitude from the representative at the front desk."


  • "Good service and friendly staff."

    Luis R Fermin

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