Airpark Newark Airport

Newark (EWR) Airport Parking

422 Frelinghuysen Ave.
Newark, NJ 07114


Parking Lot Overview

AirPark offers affordable parking at EWR Newark Airport. To ensure a hassle free experience, please arrive 20 minutes before you want to be at your terminal. When you arrive at AirPark, a valet will greet you and create a parking ticket for you. Please have your reservation number, return date, and airline name ready.

Our shuttles run 24/7 and leave for the airport terminals every few minutes; the drive from AirPark to EWR is only about 5 minutes and our drivers will drop you off directly at your terminal. Upon your return to EWR, we ask that you call us after you have retrieved all your luggage. When you call us, we will direct you where to meet us and ask for your ticket number, so by the time you return to our facility your car will be waiting for you at our Ready Zone.

Customer Reviews Summary

Convenience (8/10)

Most users found the service to be quick and efficient, noting that it greatly simplified the parking process.

Security (6/10)

Some users reported good security measures, but one review mentioned a shuttle driver using a cell phone while driving, which raised concerns.

Location (7/10)

Opinions varied on the location, with some finding it convenient, while others felt it was out of the way or confusing to find.

Service (9/10)

Many users praised the friendly and efficient staff, with prompt service and pricing as advertised.

Professionalism (7/10)

Customers generally found the staff to be professional and pleasant, but one review mentioned confusion about where to wait for pickup.

Recommendation (9/10)

Most users highly recommended the service and expressed their intention to use it again in the future.

Efficiency (8/10)

Customers praised the efficient and streamlined process, from booking online to the quick transportation to and from the airport.

Condition (6/10)

One review mentioned poor road conditions near the parking facility, which could potentially damage vehicles.

Overall Experience (8/10)

Based on the positive reviews and high recommendations, the overall experience of the service was rated 8 out of 10.


  • "Very convenient. Shuttle is perfect."

    Robert C Mellett

  • "would park here next time I fly out of Newark"

    David - Glastonbury, CT

  • "Parked here twice this year and both times we were impressed with how efficient the process was. Booked our reservation online. Drove in, got in the van and off to the airport. For the return we landed, got through customs and immigration, called Airpark and within minutes they picked us up, dropped us off, we paid and were off home."

    Mary Ellen M. - Pitman, NJ

  • "The booking was done under Airpark and there is no sign at the address for Airpark. Was very confusing, The office took a while to figure out how to charge as they were trying to process the order under Long Term parking to honor the rate. The valet parking turned out to be even longer than self park. Horrible location."


  • "This was the first time I used this facility and it was top knotch. Friendly, efficient, prompt, pricing exactly as indicated online, all around A+. I will use them again."

    Patricia - Barnegat, NJ

  • "Conveniently located to I-78 East. Quick, clean and courteous shuttle service. Definitely will park here again. Might try valet parking next time."

    Alan S. - Allentown, PA

  • "Was a little more out of the way than the spots I used in the past but good security and service. My only complaint was the shuttle driver - on the way back to the lot he was texting and on his cell phone... it was really inappropriate considering we had 4 little kids on the bus."

    Sandra G. - Annandale, NJ

  • "First time I've been to the new address. Feels further away than before, so the ride back and forth to terminal felt longer.. (especially waiting for pickup). People are all very professional and pleasant. Make sure you read the back of the claim check to know where to stand for pickup."

    Richard M. - Goshen, NY

  • "Very good people work at Airpark Newark. Highly recommended. Will use again."

    Peter B. - Belford, NJ

  • "The parking experience was great. The convenience of not having to wait for a limo that may not be on time combined with the cost savings, was awesome. We got to the parking lot and within 15 minutes were checking in for our flight."

    Douglas D. - Rumson, NJ

  • "Since the parking operation is moving to another location, my rating is reflecting the problem. I missed a turn when I left and the route brought be back to the place through the street on the back, and that one was terrible. I am glad I have an SUV, since the holes on the road can damage any other car's suspension. Other than that, great place/people, that I have used for all my long term parking in the last couple of years."

    Pavle A. - Fair Lawn, NJ

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