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We left SB, Indiana late and had no room for error. Then I made a wrong turn and put us 40 minutes behind our schedule thinking we would probably miss the flight. I planned 40 minutes from parking, shuttle to airline departure gate. When we arrived, was checked in, shuttled to our airline departure site, all within 15 minutes. Needless to say we caught our flight to QC with 5 minutes to spare. We are planning on using this service everytime we fly out of O'Hare.
12/24/2022Roberto C. Santos - Indiana
Easy to use, location is close enough to airport and pick up was in 10-15 mins from our call as they mentioned. Our car was heated up and ready for us when we arrived. All staff was nice.
12/16/2022Grace Yoon - Chicago
I would recommend this company and will definitely use them again.
12/15/2022Jaynie M Johnson
Thank you guys so much. Because I booked online last minute, I wasn't able to secure a inside spot. Knowing that eventually it was going to snow. But upon my return my vehicle was warm, ready and waiting and the staff was extremely nice.
12/13/2022Stella M. Jones - Kalamazoo, Michigan
The shuttle was ready both to and from airport. A little tough to find off of 294, otherwise outstanding.
12/13/2022Joey P Leniski - Mishawaka, IN
Everyone who we encountered had an edge to them. They were devoid of friendly gestures, asking a question was an annoyance, and the fellow I spoke to at the desk from the airport hung up on me before I was done speaking. I doubt a charm school could help.

The shuttle driver kept checked pictures on his cell phone. Are you for real? And the facility was water logged, maybe there is no drainage, but mops were invented three hundred years ago. Finally, the pricing was nothing special.
Responsible parking company and fast service to the airport. I will park here next time.
12/09/2022Jose Castillo
It's my first time to use this kind of service and I'm sure there will be a second time. God bless and more power.
11/24/2022Edwin R
This place is great. Have used twice and both times it was excellent service.
My wife and I used Blue Sky Parking in early August and things went very smoothly. We were taken to the airport within minutes of arriving to the facility. The return trip was smooth as well. Someone from Blue Sky was at the airport loading up other passengers when we arrived in the pick up area.

The overall experience was great. I was definitely sold on using this facility when I had a recent business trip. I think I had to wait less than 10 minutes to be taken to the airport. (Not enough time to really complain about in my opinion) The return home, someone was waiting for me as I arrived at the pick up area. Blue Sky definitely has their business down. We will definitely use their services again and recommend them to anyone who is looking to use airport parking.
08/28/2022Christian Turner
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