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Long wait in the snow and cold for the shuttle. The shuttles were full by the time they got to the East side, so we had to wait for 3 shuttles to go by before there was space in one. We were a group of 3, and there were 2 seats left on the shuttle and the driver refused to let our friend ride. We were forced to go get our car and drive back to DIA to pick up our friend on level 4. We didn't want to wait for a 4th shuttle, as it was already 11:30pm and we had already been standing in the snow and cold for 30 minutes. We wish they would have just let him stand on the ride over to the cars.
02/11/2020Austin - Thornton
The one issue I had was in exiting the facility. There was no attendant at the kiosk and it was not very clear that I would need to use my printed out receipt to get out. I had to call the attendant in the building. Other than that, it was very easy to use.
01/23/2020Shirley E Purdy
I wasn't thrilled at start of trip being dropped off in wrong location and having to walk to the correct airline. I was not told where to pick up the shuttle for return either.