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The facility, and parking lot, were fine. My main complaint is with the lengthy wait times for the shuttle, both to and from the airport, and the unresponsiveness of the staff when these concerns were raised.
03/21/2019Judith - Corvallis, OR
Convenient, fast and efficient. Check in went smoothly and the shuttle was waiting. Shuttle was already at the airport on my return. Drivers were friendly and courteous.
Everything great except the wait for the shuttle on our return was 35 minutes.
02/07/2019Milton H Dennison
This is a nice way to make sure you make a flight without having to worry about traffic or weather snarls. We always get a room at the Holiday Inn the night before, so we're there and ready to go! A lot less hassle!
02/02/2020C. O. Mc. - Beavercreek, OR
Great location! Great price. Highly recommended!!
02/01/2020Michael Huang - VANCOUVER