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I know its an open car park, but if there were better roads (within car park) and less dust, would be great....
09/08/2020Arun S. - Pittsfield, MA
This is one of the best self parking places I have been too. Just one little thing, the attendents need to smile more. Thanks for keeping care of my car.
09/08/2020Deborah W. - Lebanon, CT
Attendants and drivers are very courteous, helpful, and efficient.
08/30/2020Kenneth A Buttinger
First time I used your services.....will do so again...
06/02/2020John M. - Gardiner, NY
Perfect place to safely leave your car during vacation! Thanks!
05/20/2020Morgan Rice
The only negative was having to go across the street to pay. The service there was slow. Otherwise this was a good airport parking experience.
05/18/2020traveler - CT
Basic, efficient offsite parking at a good price. Staff were helpful and friendly. Will definitely use again.
05/16/2020Eric - New Haven
I've used your facilities for a long time. Everyone is friendly and courteous. I never had a problem. You're quick to get me out too. Will continue to go back. Great prices too!
05/07/2020Newington, CT
Only complaint is that when I made my reservations on line, I had the impression that I was paying the cost in full, but when I went to check out, was told that I still owed more. I went out and brought in my receipt and the amount turned out to be less than what I was quoted at the desk, but still owed more. Had I not stopped into the office on my way out 'just to be sure', it appears I would not have paid my bill. Short version - the payment system and information needs work.
04/09/2020Margaret B L. - Farmington, CT
Staff outside on the ground and drivers are friendly and helpful. They are excellent!
02/18/2020MAN LIU
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