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Note that it is a small parking lot where you drop your car off and then it gets driven who-knows-where. Difficult to find as the first time we drove right past it in search of an actual building. There is a small office and a small 15-space or so parking lot next to it where you park your vehicle and take the shuttle.

Shuttle driver was VERY fast, meaning he had a lead foot. Hard fast turns, accelerations, and sudden stops. We got there safe. Called to be picked up and shuttle was there within 5 minutes.
11/16/2021SillyMia -
They told me they would pick me up in 20 mins and it was exactly 20 mins. I was at Terminal 7. I would have liked it to be shorter but they did as they said so I can\'t really complain.
They do a good job as rated. I understand that my car is being parked outside and will get dirty if out for days. However, the car also often comes back with bird poop which is annoying. That is harder to come off and I think that they should solve that problem. Dust and dirt is fine. Bird poop - Not really!!!
11/16/2021Derek T.
25 minutes from gate to in my car. Couldn\'t have been better.
Shuttle was faster than at any other place I've every parked at LAX. I found a small ding on my car, not sure if it was already there, but just for safety check your car before you leave it there.
11/15/2021Jose - RIVERSIDE
I had a great experience at Corporate Parking. My car was parked there for a week. When I drove in at 4:30 am, the shuttle was ready and waiting for me and we left right away. When my plane arrived 4 hours late at midnight, I called them and the shuttle was there waiting. The driver was very helpful as he helped with the suitcases. Will use their services again.
09/01/2021Georgina Calderon - Adelanto CA
Just cheap. If you wanna park and not pay a lot use this one. We left the car and the first driver was rude, we were waiting with a few other people and he just got out of the van and left while we are standing there with our bags. We had to open the van and put the bags in ourselves(which I don't care but it's his job- especially if he wants a tip). On the way back the driver was talkative and nice but drove like a bat out of hell slamming on the brakes and then texting while driving for half the ride. Inside staff doesn't care about customer service or prioritizing the customer I stood there to pay for probably 5 minutes while everyone talked(yes they saw me standing there) when we finally got into the car there were ANTS all over the inside. I don't know where they parked it but ants were everywhere crawling out of the vents and crevices. They had decent reviews on here for the price- but I guess you get what you pay for. I WILL NOT!!!! ever use them again! I DO NOT recommend them! Pay a little extra so you don't have ants in your car!
08/06/2021Cordell H.
I would advise not to use this service. The slightly cheaper price is NOT worth it. I would have paid double than use these guys again. After haggling to try to get a shuttle (they would not pick up the phone, or put me on hold, I would call back and put me on hold again) ended up paying for a taxi, leaving my wife and kids at the airport and went there to pick up my car. It was a nightmare. I warned you. I think they have 1 shuttle bus. Just look at the rest of the posts. It's no accident.
07/22/2021David - CA
I did not end up parking here. It seemed to be a poorly lit, small corner lot with maybe 10 spots. I didn\'t feel safe. I thought there must be another lot, but I could not find it based on the address I was given here.
Great parking hard to find at first. Shuttle service and times excellent.
06/23/2021Judy Daniel
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