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Terrible parking lot and drivers did not help with loading luggage and I still was stupid enough to tip them. Will never park there again.
11/24/2018Aaron E Mitchell
Great price!
11/23/2018Randy Schuchart
No issues. All went well.
08/26/2018Margarita Ilyin
Price was right, called in for pick up waited 30 minutes, recalled and was told he came by, i know he didn't, wife and I were looking at every van, when he did show up there were 3 other groups waiting pick up too, so this confirms he never was through earlier.
07/19/2018Craig J.
This is the 4th time using this facility. Was glad to have parked here when my flight was cancelled and I needed a place to stay for the night. Have never had any problems here, although this year they seem to have a new person who only lets the shuttle run 3 times per hour. We had to wait about 20 minutes and he wouldn't let the driver leave any earlier even when it was apparent that nobody else would be checking in. I have used another facility from this web site who was cheaper but only has valet parking. They had faster shuttle service so I may go back there next time.
07/17/2018tb - tumwater
Great job everyone. Prompt pickup at the airport and good service all around. Couldn't be happier with the price unless of course if it was free.
07/17/2018Lawrence A. K.
We will definitely park at Sandstone again. Everyone was courteous and professional, and the location and price can't be beat. We paid more in bridge and highway tolls in the New York area than we paid to park our car for 8 days!
07/09/2018Amy B. - Bellingham
Good location, great price and friendly staff.
Overall great experience, wait time for airport pickup was a bit long.
06/06/2018Kevin O.
Best No frills place to park. Great people working there and always prompt taking to and picking up from the airport. I wouldn't leave my vehicle anywhere else.
05/31/2018Lawrence A. K. - Wenatchee, WA
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