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Reliable, safe and a good price! The shuttle drivers are always pleasant and helpful. Great value!
12/21/2021Christine S Vensand
Marriott shuttle never showed up in the airport after 30 mins of waiting in the midnight cold. Kids were cranky and hungry. Finally, I got a cab for 40 bucks to reach the hotel, which was one mile away. On reaching I see two shuttles parked outside with no one inside. The crew inside the hotel was clueless. I had to literally move orange cones out of the way to take my car out. Worst experience ever!
12/12/2021Srinivasan Chithatoor Radhakrishnan
Excellent experience. Didn't realize we needed to get a sticker for our ticket when we dropped off our car, so they had to adjust the price when we returned, but there was no hassle to do so. Very satisfied and will use the Marriott again.
03/29/2022D. Pedersen - Washington
The person who checked me in and out was so friendly and gracious. The snow storm that hit while I was away definitely impacted the lot and I felt totally supported and safe. My only negative comment was that upon arriving, the shuttle driver was pretty rude and had to leave a group of us behind and come back for another trip at 12:30am while it was freezing cold outside. When they came back to the same spot where they had left six of us saying they would come back, the shuttle was nearly full and we almost got left behind a second time.
02/18/2020Jas - Seattle
So easy, so convenient. Could become the "norm" for airport parking!
02/18/2020Cal-Jean C Lloyd - Tacoma
Had little issues with shuttle schedule, they closed from 12am-4am. Unfortunately my plane arrived at 12:55 am. Had to call Uber for assistance.
02/13/2020Zhorzh Gudzyuk
First time customer. A+ Will use it again.