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The only problem was edlerly driver who could not/would not help with luggage, but she was pleasant and helpful otherwise.
12/20/2019Patricia M Charles
Good and effecient way of getting to and from the airport at a reasonable cost. Friendly staff.
03/09/2019Dena Safavian
No complaints at all!
02/26/2020Js McDonald - 3137 Laguna Street
Biggest issues is the entrance was hard to find since this was the first time using this lot. No wait for shuttle going, short wait coming back. Had small issue with cashier wanting to charge me more money because my reservation times were not exactly what reality was.
01/05/2019Roland - Port Orchard
Lot desperately needs repaving!!! Spaces should be clearly marked and getting trapped in the rows is absolutely rediculous. Shuttle is nice, but the drivers are hit-and-miss. Can't beat the price and the man in the booth is very nice.
01/05/2019Lisa D Tietjen