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Loved the convenience and security of parking at WallyPark. For sure will park here again.
We have used numerous parking services and keep coming back to Wally Park. From the time you arrive to the time you exit all goes flawlessly. Great service and experience!
12/08/2021P Gilbert
Everything was quite good except the signage in the garage which should guide the customer to and from the parking area on the roof for those not utilizing the valet.
12/08/2021Roger E Keller - Studio City, CA
Great place leave the car.
11/26/2021Ken F
WIll now park at Wally Park whenever I need to park and fly!
11/22/2021LX - Glendale
Very nice place, clean parking spaces and pleasant people to deal with. Good prices and close to the airport. Shuttle is very efficient too.
11/16/2021Fernando Lopez
Great location. Friendly staff.
11/16/2021Jessica Villavicencio
It's near the airport. Friendly and helpful staff. The shuttle arrived immediately after parking our cars. We called shuttle pick up upon our arrival and they got there within 5 minutes.
08/30/2021Kazel - Anaheim
I was really disappointed that one could not pay whilst exiting with a machine. There was a really long line to check-out and combined with airport traffic getting to the parking lot it took me at least an hour to leave and I was very late to my next appointment. Whilst I didn't use valet, the staff seemed very nice though and the shuttle pickups are frequent.
I made a reservation for covered parking, when I arrived and looked for a parking space, there were none available. I drove around, up and down each level for over half an hour, I finally found a parking space on the first level next to the shuttles in an open area. I would not recommend this facility. I didn't like the fact that I had to pay upfront for the parking but the facility did not have a available space for me. I only stayed and drove around until I found an open space because I did not want to loose my payment. Otherwise, I would have left the facility immediately and have gone somewhere else. Stay way unless you have made a reservation for valet parking - this is what the facility is catering to.
08/28/2021jj - Torrance
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