Newark Airport Long Term Parking Guide

By Melissa Ruiz | 2023

EWR Airport Long Term Parking Guide

Long Term EWR Airport Parking

The last time you planned a trip, did you factor in how much airport parking would cost? If you did not, you are like most people. More often than not, travelers that require airport parking do not think about it until the day of their trip or, they may not realize they have options beyond the airport. If you are flying out of EWR and find yourself needing long-term airport parking, this should be at the forefront of your travel planning. The savviest, most value-driven travelers avoid parking at the airport because frankly, it is more expensive. Airports like Newark Liberty use parking as an additional revenue source and they charge parking fees at a premium because they know travelers are excited or anxious when they arrive and want to avoid missing their flight. If you are flying out of EWR and need parking for several days, weeks, or maybe even more than a month, keep reading to find out how to save between 50-60% on parking for Newark Airport.

EWR is one of the busiest airports in the country and consequently, the demand for parking is high. Newark’s on-site options for long term parking has generated high demand for alternative parking options near the airport. The main reasons that Newark Airport travelers opt for off-site parking are cost, parking space availability, and security. There are many parking providers near the airport that make it their sole business to provide safe and reliable airport parking services at reasonable rates.

To guide you on long-term parking at Newark Airport, we have answered the most common questions asked by EWR travelers.

Is there long-term parking at Newark Airport?

Yes, the two parking areas where long-term parking is allowed are the “Daily Parking” at P4 and the “Economy Parking” at P6. The bulk of the parking needed at EWR is long term therefore these two lots in particular are usually at 90% capacity throughout the year and can reach full capacity in high travel seasons. If you must park at the airport, we recommend prebooking airport parking to ensure availability. Newark Liberty is allowing passengers to pre-book airport parking here. Prebooking removes the risk of not finding a spot when you arrive at the airport.

As an alternative, if you want to see how much you would save using an off-site parking provider, enter your reservation dates on our Newark airport parking page to compare.

Is parking at Newark Airport safe?

Generally, parking at the airport is safe. The lots are accessed through a gate and we can assume there is video surveillance in some areas. Something to note is that Newark is an incredibly busy airport with thousands of travelers coming in and out of the parking facilities on a daily basis. The Port Authority that manages Newark Liberty clearly states on their website that they are not liable for any injury, damage to your property, or any special, indirect, or consequential loss. To be fair, most off-site parking lots adopt similar terms provided by the Port Authority. Private parking locations are also gated, and are either covered or fenced in with on-site security. One advantage is the lower volume of people going in and out. If security is important to you, reserve an airport parking service provider that has CCTV security surveillance, an on-site guard, and staffed 24 hours a day. Look for lots that are well-lit, open 24 hours and constantly have activity from staff on site deters damage to cars and stolen property.

How much is long-term parking at Newark Airport?

The Daily Parking rate at Newark is almost $60 a day. If you are going on a week-long trip, then your parking costs are going to be close to $420. Parking at the airport seems to be the most convenient option, but to really save, you would need to park at the Economy Lot and board a shuttle to the terminals. Economy rates are $30 per day but they allow you to pay in half day (12-hour increments). Each 12 hour increment is $17.50. This is slightly better but for the same type of service, you can reserve airport parking off-site for as low as $12 a day. Independent parking lots provide free shuttle service to and from the airport. Most lots near EWR will have your car warmed up and waiting for you when you return to the lot.

You can start to see how pre-planning your airport parking can really pay off. If you have an upcoming trip and are flying out of EWR, there are many available options that can keep your care safe, secure, andoffer significant savings when compared to parking directly at the airport.. ParkON is well versed in the parking offerings in and around Newark Liberty Airport. Our goal is to make sure that travelers are aware that airport parking is going to be a cost that should be considered and planned for. We invite you to take a look at the airport parking providers we partner with that offer park and fly, and park, stay, and fly options to find the best EWR airport parking for your needs.

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