Top 5 Off-Site Parking Lots for Atlanta Airport and Why They’re Worth It

By Melissa Ruiz | 2024

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Parking at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport can be a challenge due to high fees and crowded conditions. Off-site parking lots provide a convenient and affordable alternative with competitive pricing. Many offer services like shuttle services to the terminal, car washes, and valet parking, making the travel experience more seamless and stress-free.

Here are the top 5 off-site parking lots for Atlanta Airport that offer affordability, convenience, security and customer satisfaction:

WallyPark Premier Airport Parking

WallyPark Premier Parking Atlanta

Location & Accessibility: WallyPark Premier Airport Parking is conveniently located just minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, making it an ideal choice for those who need a quick and easy start to their journey. Its prime location means you're just a short shuttle ride away from the airport terminals.

Pricing Overview: WallyPark Premier distinguishes itself with competitive rates that cater to a range of budgets and parking preferences. Whether you opt for the outdoor self-park option or indoor self-park, you'll find that their pricing structure is designed to offer value without compromising on service quality. Their parking prices range between $10-$15.

Shuttle Frequency: One of the standout features of WallyPark Premier is its frequent shuttle service. Operating 24/7, the shuttles run every 5 minutes, ensuring that you're never left waiting long. The short ride to the airport means you'll arrive at your terminal with time to spare, adding to the overall convenience and reducing any pre-flight stress.

Security Measures: Security is a top priority at WallyPark Premier, with around-the-clock surveillance and a well-lit, fenced parking lot. Patrolled regularly by security personnel, you can travel with the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and secure until your return.

Additional Services: WallyPark Premier goes above and beyond when it comes to additional services. For those looking to pamper their vehicle while away, car wash and detailing services are available upon request. Additionally, electric vehicle charging stations are provided, allowing EV owners to come back to a fully charged vehicle.

Why It’s Worth It: WallyPark Premier Airport Parking stands out for its unbeatable combination of convenience, security, and high-quality service. The convenience of frequent shuttles, the reassurance of comprehensive security measures, and the appeal of extra services make it a top choice for Atlanta airport travelers. Whether you're away for a day or a month, WallyPark Premier offers a parking solution that's as stress-free as it is cost-effective, ensuring your travels begin and end on a high note.

Atlanta Airport Marriott

Atlanta Airport Marriott

Location & Accessibility: Nestled next to I-85, just a stone's throw away from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Atlanta Airport Marriott offers not just exceptional lodging but also superb off-site parking facilities. Its strategic location ensures that guests enjoy easy access to the airport, courtesy of a prompt and reliable shuttle service, making it a perfect pick for travelers seeking both convenience and comfort.

Pricing Overview: The Atlanta Airport Marriott presents outdoor self-parking at an attractive rate, catering to both short-term and long-term travelers. With competitive pricing that challenges even the most budget-friendly parking lots, guests can enjoy premium parking services without the premium price tag. Travelers can park here for under $10 per day.

Shuttle Frequency: Complementing its proximity to the airport, the Atlanta Airport Marriott offers a complimentary shuttle service that runs 24/7. The shuttles depart every 30 minutes, ensuring that you reach the airport terminals quickly and without any unnecessary delays. This frequent shuttle service is a hallmark of the Marriott’s commitment to providing guests with a seamless travel experience.

Security Measures: At the Atlanta Airport Marriott, the safety of your vehicle is taken seriously. The parking lot is gated and there is there is security personnel regularly patrolling the grounds. These measures are in place to give travelers peace of mind, knowing their vehicles are secure while they are away.

Additional Services: Guests of the Atlanta Airport Marriott can enjoy more than just parking. The hotel's additional amenities, such as dining options, and comfortable lounges, are available to park guests. This adds an extra layer of value, allowing travelers to relax and refresh either before their flight or upon their return.

Why It’s Worth It: Choosing the Atlanta Airport Marriott for your parking needs offers more than a spot to leave your car; it provides a comprehensive travel solution. The blend of competitive parking rates, reliable shuttle service, gated parking, and access to hotel amenities delivers an unmatched travel experience. For those who appreciate the convenience of airport proximity and the comfort of additional services, parking at the Atlanta Airport Marriott is an excellent choice that ensures your trip begins and ends as smoothly as possible.

Peachy Airport Parking

Peachy Airport Parking

Location & Accessibility: Peachy Airport Parking is renowned for its strategic location, offering travelers easy access to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport with minimal hassle. Its proximity ensures that guests can enjoy a quick and efficient transfer to the airport terminals, making it an ideal choice for those looking to minimize travel time. It also has easy access from I-85 on Sylvan Road.

Pricing Overview: With a focus on affordability without compromising quality, Peachy Airport Parking provides some of the most competitive pricing options for off-site airport parking. They offer both indoor and outdoor parking solutions, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of Atlanta's travelers. Their prices range from $8-$16 per day depending on the type of parking service.

Shuttle Frequency: One of the standout features of Peachy Airport Parking is its shuttle service, which boasts an exceptional frequency. Shuttles depart every 5-10 minutes, 24/7, ensuring that passengers are transported to and from the airport swiftly. This high frequency of shuttles is a testament to Peachy's commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction.

Security Measures: At Peachy Airport Parking, the safety and security of your vehicle are paramount. The facility is equipped with advanced security measures, including 24-hour surveillance cameras and a secure, fenced-in parking area. These precautions provide travelers with the assurance that their vehicles are well-protected during their trip.

Additional Services: Peachy Airport Parking goes beyond merely offering parking spaces; it provides additional services designed to enhance the customer experience. Among these are professional car detailing services, which allow travelers to return to a clean vehicle. For those with electrical vehicles, Peachy has a 110V charging station available.

Why It’s Worth It: Choosing Peachy Airport Parking for your off-site parking needs means opting for a blend of affordability, convenience, and security. The facility's proximity to Atlanta Airport, coupled with its frequent shuttle service and robust security measures, ensures a hassle-free parking experience. The convenience of services, like car detailing and EV charging, provides an added touch of value, making Peachy Airport Parking a top choice for Atlanta travelers seeking a quality airport parking solution.

Doubletree Atlanta Airport

DoubleTree Atlanta Airport Parking

Location & Accessibility: The Doubletree by Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel offers more than just comfortable accommodations; it provides a convenient and secure off-site parking option for travelers using the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Located just off I-85, a short distance from the airport, the Doubletree Atlanta Airport ensures easy access and quick transfers to the airport terminals, making it an attractive option for those seeking both comfort and convenience.

Pricing Overview: Doubletree Atlanta Airport offers competitive parking rates that cater to both short-term and long-term parking needs. With options that are budget-friendly, guests can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with parking at a reputable hotel chain without the high costs typically associated with airport parking. Parking customers can expect to pay under $10 per day.

Shuttle Frequency: To ensure that guests make their flights with time to spare, the Doubletree Atlanta Airport provides a complimentary shuttle service that runs around the clock. Shuttles depart approximately every 30 minutes, offering a reliable and efficient way to get to and from the airport without the stress of navigating airport traffic.

Security Measures: The safety of your vehicle is a priority at the Doubletree Atlanta Airport. The parking area is well-lit, monitored by surveillance cameras, and regularly patrolled by security personnel. These security measures are in place to assure travelers that their vehicles are safe and secure throughout their trip.

Additional Services: Guests choosing to park at the Doubletree Atlanta Airport benefit from access to the hotel's amenities, such as free Wi-Fi and waiting in their comfortable lobby. This adds an element of comfort to the parking experience, allowing travelers to relax and unwind before or after their flight.

Why It’s Worth It: Parking at the Doubletree Atlanta Airport is an excellent choice for travelers seeking a seamless and stress-free start to their journey. The combination of competitive pricing, reliable shuttle service, on-site security, and the bonus of having a clean and comfortable place to wait makes it a top choice. For those who value the convenience and reassurance of parking at a reputable hotel close to Atlanta Airport, the Doubletree offers an experience that is both affordable and luxurious.

Jiffy Airport Parking

Jiffy Airport Parking Atlanta

Courtesy: Elite Airport Parking

Location & Accessibility: Jiffy Airport Parking, formerly Elite Airport Parking takes pride in its prime location on Camp Creek Parkway, offering travelers a quick and convenient parking solution just a short distance from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This proximity allows for swift access to the airport terminals, ensuring that travelers can make the most of their time without worrying about long transfers.

Pricing Overview: Known for its competitive pricing, Jiffy Airport Parking provides cost-effective parking options that appeal to a wide range of travelers. Whether you're looking for short-term parking for a quick trip or need long-term parking for an extended getaway, Jiffy makes it affordable to keep your vehicle securely parked. Daily rates are usually under $7 per day.

Shuttle Frequency: Jiffy Airport Parking stands out with its commitment to convenience, underscored by its frequent shuttle service. Operating 24/7 or on-demand as needed, ensuring that passengers enjoy a quick and hassle-free ride to and from the airport. This high level of service is designed to keep waiting times to a minimum and get travelers to their destinations as efficiently as possible.

Security Measures: Security is a paramount concern at Jiffy Airport Parking, where the safety of your vehicle is guaranteed through comprehensive security measures. The lot is equipped with surveillance cameras and is fenced and well-lit, providing a secure environment for your car. Additionally, there is staff on the premises regularly, offering further reassurance to travelers.

Additional Services: Jiffy Airport Parking goes above to focus on the customer experience. While the just of their service is no frills and affordable parking, they do have on-site EV charging available which offers the convenience of having your car charged up while you're away.

Why It’s Worth It: Opting for Jiffy Airport Parking means choosing a blend of affordability, security, and convenience. Its close location to the airport, coupled with the efficiency of its shuttle service and its security, ensures a seamless parking experience. The added value of having the ability to charge an electric vehicle makes Jiffy an attractive option for travelers seeking comprehensive parking solutions near Atlanta Airport.

Our guide provides the top 5 off-site parking lots for Atlanta Airport, each with its own set of features. WallyPark Premier offers convenience and luxury, while Atlanta Airport Marriott combines affordability with hotel amenities. Peachy Airport Parking stands out for its low prices and frequent shuttles, while Doubletree Atlanta Airport and Jiffy Airport Parking offer great customer service and additional options like car washes and valet services.

Off-site parking is a convenient option that offers cost savings and security for your vehicle while you travel. It also provides additional perks like shuttle services to the airport, car maintenance services, and hotel amenities.
When planning your next trip from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, consider these off-site parking options. They may offer benefits such as a more pleasant start and end to your journey, as well as being budget-friendly and stress-free.

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