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Will definitely use again and recommend to anyone. If you make reservations on line you get a better deal. 105 parking as far as I'm concerned is 5 stars.
12/14/2022Lilia Sentman - Oceanside
My wait time for pick up was 45 minutes. Texted, then called, then texted again. I also texted my valet ticket number and my car was not ready.
12/08/2022Lance Leong
Our shuttle driver was outstanding and we were treated well by all employees.
12/04/2022J. Abouchar
Jose the driver was very helpful. However we waited 45 mins at LAX to be picked up, we had to call three times.
Everything was great, except for the bad attitude of the staff. Also, trying to exit we were told to back up to let a vehicle come in the wrong direction from the staff.
08/30/2022Linda Ortega
The only thing I have to say is that they should notify customers of pick up area at airport instead of just saying just wait at the curb.
08/28/2022Machuca Ruiz
My overall experience was good. I have been using 105 Airport Parking for the last 5 years. I have never had an issue. That is the reason I keep coming back. Drivers used to be more courteous.
07/13/2023Marie Montana - Corona, CA
I have used 105 Parking over a dozen times and this was by far my worst experience. When I arrived on my pre-booked date/time, I literally got the last available parking spot on the rooftop. When I returned, the shuttle took over 25 minutes to get to the pickup site. Then the driver said there was only room for 2 more, so my wife an I got on. Then the driver let 8 more people and bags on the shuttle. My ass was literally on the windshield. To top it all off, when I made it back to the garage, the elevator was broken, so I had to go up the 6 levels on the stairs. When driving down, it was obvious that they oversold the parking structure as the double-deep valet stalls were full and then they blocked them all in with another row of cars parked end to end. When I told the woman at the kiosk, all she said was, "Oh, isn't there a sign on the elevator?" I hope this is just 1 bad experience and not a trend.
Impressed. Will park here again in the future.
05/06/2023Joseph Dorado - Downtown Riverside
Excellent location which is close to the 105. No problems finding a parking spot.
04/23/2022Justina D
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