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Always easy to get in and out of on time. People are courteous, fluent in English and Spanish, if you prefer they will wash your vehicle and have it ready for your return. I will leave my car with them on each and every trip.
12/05/2021Robert L. Wickes - Key West, Fl.
Very good service, punctual, I have a good experience, I recommend highly.
11/23/2021Esperanza Becerra
Everything was perfect. The best organized part of our trip.
Excellent in every way.
09/22/2021Edwin Wujciak
Phone number given to call for pick up did not work. I saved the one given on the email; only then I was able to contact them.
08/31/2021Aurea Hurtado
Poor customer service and very unprofessional. Personnel does not know how to address clients, uncoordinated schedules of shuttle, and did not provide service as paid (indoor) car was left outside and no valet available… Choose Sheraton, a better option.
Everything was worked perfect. We dropped the car less than 5 min we were out. When we arrived back we called less than 15 min they picked us up the car was already was ready we pay the balance and less than 5 min we were out. Highly recommanded!
07/21/2021Jehezkel S. - Hollywood Florida
They will move your car around in order to accommodate other cars and if scratched, they will not be responsible. Very good location but service is poor.
07/19/2021Jose V.
Super close to the airport. Lot is hard to get in and out of. Car was parked up on curb when we went to leave and was sandwiched between a light pole and another vehicle. Picked up within 20 minutes of phone call. My only recommendation is to designate with departure door you want to pick up at so that everyone can be in one location rather than starting and stopping, driver getting out and loading luggage at multiple areas.
03/11/2021Brittany N Godwin
Will always use Arow parking - next to airport, great transportation to and from, great rates!
02/19/2021KENT CONFELD
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