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Facility is too far from Airport, signage to recognize the location is confusing, block number is difficult to find or missing. The office is understaffed. \r\n\r\nReserve parking patrons that have a shorter checking needs must be prioritized - have to make it to the airport on time - waited more than 10 minutes, shuttle driver was waiting for me and agents were focus on rentals.\r\n\r\nLack of proper customer service. Customers must be greeted and acknowledge. \r\nParking facility lucks of security and designated parking lot. Customer is responsible for his belongings inside the vehicle while traveling, to add stress and responsibility, customer must leave the keys with agents. Agency is release of all liability. Unacceptable.\r\n\r\nShuttle drivers were polite and courteous.\r\n\r\nPhone number to call shuttle to be picked up at the airport goes to recorded message - There is no way to contact the rental office. Waited at the airport over 15 minutes to be picked up. Paying more for safety and closeness to the airport is highly encouraged.
12/19/2022Nora A - ORLANDO
Customer service clerks act like you are bothering them to check in and check out. Shuttle service was suppose to be every 15 minutes and waited at least 45 minutes at airport.
Shuttle was ready to go when I arrived so the trip to the airport was quick enough. Driver did not want to drop us off at the ticket counter so he went to the pick up spot and said "Go to the 3rd Floor". No big deal, he just threw his tip out the window.

Was picked up within 10 minutes. Lady driver had the windows rolled down for some reason on an 86 degree afternoon. A/C worked fine but could not overcome the hot air from outside. Guy at the counter refused to make a reservation for me the following week and said to "just drive in". According to the online reservations they are full so they lost out. I get it, Its a parking lot. The facility is fine but, the people's attitude could use improvement.
05/16/2022Dennis W - Lakeland, FL
Called to say that due to Covid testing requirements, I would come back earlier. No problem was the answer only to be told by someone at pickup I needed to send an email. Still did with no response. Will never park there again.
05/16/2022Sylvia Ivette Ortiz - Orlando
Good little secret!! Will use again.
05/15/2022Christopher Depuy
I use this parking facility always over the years. Had no problems. If you want to spend more money on daily parking, go somewhere else. After all, you’re only parking a car.
04/19/2023Gerard McCarthy
Excellent parking. The guy let me park my motorcycle in covered area. Very secure for a motorcycle.
Overall good experience, will use again
01/21/2022Peter Coulter - Sun City Center
Problems with getting someone to answer phone for pick up. Also, there was confusion on pick up location as when we were dropped off we were told we were to be picked up at same location, yet when I finally got someone to answer call to get picked up from airport they told me they no longer use that pick up location. Made no sense. I made numerous calls for pick up.
01/19/2023Angela S Linkenhoker
great price , friendly accommodating staff, but not a fan of handing my keys over to valet. I would prefer to self park.
01/19/2023Daniel R Wilkin