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Cleanliness, location, drivers, and wait times were all fine. We got a little bit of a run around on the phone regarding where to wait for our shuttle from the airport back to the plaza, however, it wasn't that big of a deal. Only problem we had was that we discovered a decent sized scratch on the driver side window upon returning to our vehicle. This scratch wasn't there before, and appears to have been caused by somebody attempting to jimmy open the door. It's all on the outside of the window and is pretty deep. There were no visible items in the truck at all, other than a book on dieting.. Which we're pretty positive wasn't worthy of attempting a break in. Security needs to be looked at a little harder in this garage. There wasn't a security car, kiosk, or representatives in sight, anywhere. There are a lot of options for parking, and Crowne Plaza is a pretty well known name. We were surprised to find damage to our vehicle with such a reputable name. Especially considering we chose outdoor parking for our previous international trip, and came back to no damage at all.
05/19/2021Brittany A Carlson - Madison
Main issue was one hour wait to be picked up after calling upon return to Chicago.
05/18/2021Jacques G - Carmel, indiana
The way you exit the garage to return back to the location where you were dropped off, to pick up luggage, is the only issue. Overall though definitely worth the price. Will definitely use when traveling next time.
02/16/2021Jose Napoles
Didn't like the fact that the shuttle only came twice an hour, and we waited a bit longer than I wanted too when we got back for the shuttle but otherwise I guess they're ok.
02/13/2021Oliver Robinson
Listing said parking was available in the garage. Most of the garage is reserved for other businesses. I ended up having to park outside and came back to my car covered in snow. The shuttle was prompt and nice, the lot was well maintained, and the hotel staff was friendly and helpful. Still not a bad deal, but not exactly as expected.
02/10/2021Seth H.
Overall an OK experience. The worst aspect was the shuttle system - not only was the time inaccurate for pick up as I ended up waiting on the curb for 45 minutes for the Crowne Plaza shuttle, but the shuttle driver was quite rude to passengers. Otherwise, the parking experience was satisfactory, but next time I may look for more prompt shuttle service.
02/02/2021EM - IL
Great rate and great parking, will use again!
01/29/2021Matthew R Legorreta
Unexpectedly great! Thank you!!