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Friendly staff and very accommodating. Would definitely recommend to all my friends.
12/22/2022Juashebia Battle - Grand Island, FL
My driver on the way down to the airport was a man and he was wonderful. So chatty and friendly. I had a female driver on the way back from the airport, she never said much at all, but she still did a good job and she did help me with my luggage in the car. I really appreciated it. So yes, I believe I will use you again. I try to fly at least twice a year, so it is good that I have a parking place that I feel like I can trust.
12/15/2022Tina Moore
On arrival - the gate was down... and there was some confusion of what to do.... I booked online for 5 weeks and the man in the office\'s English was OK...not great but he seemed to get aggravated at repeat questions if the clients me and a few others didn\'t understand. When I arrived I didn\'t know what to do... and there was one shuttle - after awhile I understood the system but the manager had to jump start an older couples car - and he made the women shuttle driver use the shuttle to pick him up at the office - go to the car - and made all of us wait for him to get the car running. In other words, he put his needs first before the clients and he was pretty rude to the female shuttle driver who was doing her best. Thus, by the time I pulled into the parking area - it was at least an 1 1/2 before I was dropped off at the terminal and just barely made my flight.... It was pretty darn irratating to say the least and the manager - now that I think about it 5 weeks later pissed me off to the point I should have complained at the time and gotten his name - but I just didn\'t have the time because of my international flight. that was on June 6, 2023. Otherwise - now that I know the system and what to expect - my experience last night with the pick up and the staff ...was excellent. My Personnel attitude score is given specifically to the poor attitude of the manager on June 6th or person (older Spanish speaking) who ran the office. \r\n\r\nI will use the lot again... but more explanation for clients in the future or on the website... about the process would be helpful. Cheers, stu
07/13/2023Stuart P Cottrell - Fort Collins Colorado
I\'ve used Gold Park for 8 years. My last experience seemed to indicate their volume is increasing more than their capabilities. Pick up and drop off times were fine as usual, but upon travel return to pick up my car, it was blocked by another customer\'s car. It took 20+ minutes to move that car so I could leave. When I got to the exit gate, I could not exit because they had installed a new system that required the bar code on the shuttle ticket stub to open the gate. The shuttle driver took my ticket at the airport, so I could not leave. An employee came out and said I couldn\'t leave without the ticket, I said another employee had my ticket and eventually he let me out. May be growing pains?
06/28/2023Gregory Kvaska - SAINT CLOUD
The same gal dropped me off and picked me up at the airport. Very friendly and prompt.
Masoud, the guy at the office is really nice and the driver that both dropped us off and picked us up did a great job, very cordial!
02/24/2022N D - Florida
The cost was the best available and the service was very good. Our car doors would not lock upon arrival at the outside parking lot and although we left it unlocked for a week nothing was disturbed. We will definitely use Gold Park again!
02/12/2023Grant A Rehder - The Villages, FL
Everything ran smoothly. Staff was professional and friendly. Shuttle\'s prompt. I was a little nervous because they directed me to park my car near the fence, so I worried that it would be easy for someone to break into it unnoticed. But it probably was more shaded there. Anyway, everything was secure when I got back. So, overall I was very pleased.
01/25/2022Laura - NJ