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worked out great
12/19/2019William B Worthley
This is my third time using dollar parking and we love it. We never have any problems and the people are very kind and helpful very professional. We have a timeshare in Florida, so we travel every year and we definitely will use dollar parking again. Very satisfied customer 😀
12/08/2019Amadelin R.
I have used Dollar Parking the last 4 times I have flown. My mind is always at peace that I know my car is safe and when I share with people the fact that the price is reasonable and my car is waiting well heated and ready to go when I get off the bus. The friendly drivers and care with my luggage is a huge plus.
12/07/2019Norma A Wagner
I will definitely use this airport parking service again. We were almost at the airport and realized we left the car seat in the car for our daughter. The driver said no problem, he dropped us off to check in and he went to our car and got it for us while we checked in. We were so thankful!

The shuttle to call upon arrival was promt and our car was waiting for us and running so it would be warm for us!
11/16/2019Michael - Vermont
We checked in before they had shuttle drivers on duty .... The clerk on duty at 3:45 am was less than cordial... Throwing my paperwork across the counter. Upset we showed up prior to 4 am...
09/22/2019Norman Breault
Great people to work with
08/31/2019Dr Dianna Scherlin
I was a bit skeptical at first, but chose this location based on previous reviews. The whole experience was excellent. Prompt service when I dropped off early morning and prompt pickup when I returned early morning. Will use again if needed.
08/30/2019Maurice Philips
I couldn't believe it, but this tiny corner turned out the very easiest parking experience I've had at an airport, at a fraction of the rates one would expect. Great job!
08/28/2019NICHOLAS K. - Stratford, CT
All was fine and speedy except that we got off at the wrong Dollar Lot for some reason. The driver must have asked all where we were going. And others said Dollar so we did too, not realizing there were 2 different Dollar lots. So we wasted 15 mins in line and rerouting to the smaller, correct one.
Would still park at the same lot next time
07/11/2019Jill F.
Found a knick on my car that was absolutely not there when I dropped it off. Sadly I had an obligation, and couldn't wait to fill out a report.
07/10/2019Kathryn L. C.
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