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Park N Jet did what we needed to do a place to park our car and shuttle back and forth to the airport.
08/28/2018David L Van Duisen - Blaine
Park N Jet is located in a residential area, but quick drive to the airport. Easy check in at a drive up type window. The shuttle was loading as I got there, so I didn't have to wait. It picked up the valet parking first then drove around the self park lot. I just missed the shuttle after I arrived at the airport, but one came about 10 min after I texted the number I was given on the claim ticket. The shuttle was pretty full each time but everyone made it on.
My three attempted texts to be picked up all came back. I was unable to figure out how to phrase my ticket info and ended up calling the automated number, which did work actually. Pickup was quick even with herds of shuttle vans coming through.

The daily rate was excellent (used the online reservation option). So was having an orange cone marking my spot when I arrived before daylight.
About as painless as possible I would do it again.
05/19/2018Joelle M Cacciatore
Online reservations were easy to make. Drop off and pick up were quick. My car was as I left it. This is everything I want when I park near the airport. I'll keep coming back.
05/18/2018North Bend
It was really easy for us to get in and out of this facility and good pricing as well.
05/17/2018Julius Armamento - Lynnwood, WA
This was great for SEA airport parking! We didn't have to wait much at all for transportation to and then from the airport and the price was excellent! We would probably park in Lot 1 next time as it is closer to the direction we need to go home, but otherwise the overall experience was great.
05/16/2018Mary Jablonsky
Only downside, after leaving the airport waiting for the shuttle, I had to wait for multiple shuttles due to them being full. After a late night flight it was difficult to be patient. However, I can not blame you for being popular, the services were great.
Clarification of the fact that there is a lot #1 and a lot #2 would have helped, this was confusing during pickup. Otherwise great experience overall.
05/16/2018Alan Plummer
Things were fine, with the exception that we made an error on our return date, when we checked in, we attempted to correct the return date (so we didn't have to pay for the additional day), we were told that we could correct it upon our return and get a credit for our next visit. Our flight returned at midnight, and there was no one available to help us. It should have been corrected at the time of check in...
03/20/2018Heidi Provence
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