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No frills, but for the price it can't be beat. Will park here next time.
Need to have an entrance and an exit. The narrow lot is one car length wide and no way to turn around. Place a station at the other end and let that be the exit. I now back out all the way back to the pay station. This is an accident waiting to happen!
11/23/2021Ray Farris
Sure, it's across the street from the airport. And it's pretty cheap. But that doesn't mean much when there's no shuttle and you have to walk about a mile from your car to the airport door... in 95 degree heat. Security is zilch and the guy who works there can't be bothered to even say "thank you" when you pay.
Hate the 2-way tiny road to park your car. You have to drive a long way to find a spot, and if there's none, you have to turn around in a tiny space and come back the other way, trying to avoid hitting pedestrians with their luggage or another car.
11/22/2021Tad Ludes
No shuttle. Isn't needed it is so close!!!
11/15/2021Sharon - Simi Valley
Bad location, no shuttle, open air, packed like sardines. Never again.
08/30/2021Mahersadra - CA
Great location close to the airport. The one way in/out can be a bit frustrating at times but doesn't keep me from parking here. Staff are super friendly and always helpful. Definitely worth the cost!!
08/28/2021Paul Valenzuela
Long, narrow lot along the tracks in front of the railroad that is a little hard to get out of and can be a trek to/from your car when it is fairly full. However, the price is great given that it is less than a 10 minute walk to the terminal.
08/27/2021Michael G. - Los Angeles
Located beyond the rental car lots at the end of BUR runway and beyond. Not pretty. No shuttle. Depending how far down the long narrow parking lot you end up finding a space, you could be in for a long walk. But at $6.00 a day I cannot complain too much. I am glad to patronize this funky lot to save some bucks, and make a little market competition to the higher priced lots.
07/15/2021Serge K. - SoCal.
No good way to exit this lot which makes it a bit dangerous and inconvenient. Lot is OK, but not my first choice.
07/14/2021Robert M.
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