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Timely, convenient and secure!
12/14/2021J Klebesadel
Daniel made me feel like a valued customer. Very pleasant and friendly. Will make it a point to tip him on my subsequent trips.
Easy to find! Loved the extra large location signs! Parked on 4th level. Only waited 5 mins for a ride. Very fast and my drivers both ways were helpful with my medium sized suitcase. \r\n\r\nI tipped both ways. Waited about 10 mins for pick up. I was very grateful the 1st driver gave me a Quikpark business card with phone number on it to call to let them know I was waiting at designated area. \r\n\r\nWill definitely park there again.
05/16/2023Janice Randall - Fountain Valley
Staff were all very helpful. Everything went smoothly. Definitely recommend this garage.
05/15/2023Belinda - Chino ca
I always park here - excellent choice for space, people, wait times and security!
05/06/2023Stephen M
Arrive early. We arrived 3hrs before departure (domestic flight). The sign in front of entrance says LOT FULL unless you have a reservation. We had reservations. However, there was no one at the entrance to confirm if you did or did not have the reservation, so anyone could enter and park (even if they did not have reservations). The lot was packed. I was getting nervous until we finally found a spot on the 5th floor. Other than that, experience was good. Shuttles came by frequently. We waited less than 5 min leaving the lot and about 5 min returning to the lot from the airport.
04/16/2023TW - CA
Great parking area. Wait time for drop off was less than 5 mins. For pick up, I thought I was going to wait a while. I saw the shuttle leaving as I was heading to the pick up point. By the time I was at the pick up point, another shuttle arrived. The personnel was helpful with my luggages.
Shuttles were constantly running with less than 5 min wait on both departure and arrival. No hassle at checkout and speedy customer service picking up the vehicle.
02/18/2023Helen W
Easy in and easy out. All great and convenient to park at. Great place with good service. Use all the time.
01/22/2023Richard Corp