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Quick and easy, couldn't ask for more. Great Job!
12/09/2022Thomas F Foley
I recieved very good service with the only slight issue being a somewhat long wait for the pick up at the airport. I definitely will use the service in the future.
12/08/2022Kent R Spuhler
I understand that the cars are parked in the dirt, but it would seem that some care could be taken to avoid getting my car filthy. I washed and vacuumed my car the day before I dropped it off, and when I got it back, it was filthy. The driver's side floor mat was covered in light colored dirt, and it looked like someone smeared their foot across the door jamb and left a large amount of dirt there as well. The exterior was also very dirty, especially on the sides and in the wheel wells.
12/06/2022Rachael A Stringer - Jacksonville, FL
There is a need for better lighting to identify where the drive way and location is. I had a very early parking appointment and passed the location because of poor lighting.
11/16/2022Linda D Chandler
Fantastic! The experience was fast, quick and we were in and out in no time at all. The shuttle driver was amazing - I left my phone in the car, and he was super-fast bringing me back to the parking lot (calling the parking lot in the meantime so that my car is kept up front) and back again to the airport. We were a little short of time, but thanks to the professionalism, there was no problem at all. Checkout was similarly quick and efficient.
11/11/2022Subhajyoti Bandyopadhyay
We had a very nice experience, shuttle driver was extremately nice. When we got back to the parking lot they had our car ready in front of the building. Very good service and at very affordable price. We already have reservations to park there again next month. Keep up the good work guys!
10/30/2022Carmen M.
Luckily, the van was picking other passengers when I came out of the luggage pick up area, so the waiting time was zero. In the past, waiting time has been minimal. Great attitude,friendly and courteous treatment by driver. I have used this company previously and because of the great service and competitive price, I will continue to do so. Great experience.
07/23/2022JUAN J SAN JUAN - Jacksonville, FL
Nice job, no wait to get to airport. Car was ready and waiting upon arrival for pickup.
07/12/2022Nancy L. W.
Will definatley use again. Shuttle was there when I landed and my car was up front waiting for me. Staff was very friendly.
07/09/2022Joanne P.
Excellent. Everything went smoothly. The shuttle vehicle could use some updating (it was old and worn), but overall a great experience. Very close to the airport, quick response times, and professional service.
07/08/2022Kimberly L R.
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