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I won't be parking here again... at least not unless you re-work the car pickup process. There was no communication from the clerk in the office. I guess you assume all your customers are repeat customers?

I've used Blue Sky before. They're a little more money but well worth it.

You have a shuttle bus that drops off several people... and yet you have one clerk working both the phone and the several people who just arrived to retrieve their cars. (And the manager comes in for a minute and does nothing to help. He doesn't even chat up the customers who are waiting... or ask if anyone has any questions. Get a clue!)

So I show her my ticket and she says they will bring the car down. When the car shows up, the valet guy takes the keys back in to the clerk? And I have to go wait in line again? WTF

And of course he doesn't leave the car running to warm up, even though it is 6 freaking degrees outside.

Go try Blue Sky. See if you can tune up your processes.
12/16/2021High Expectations - Central, IL
Worst crazy experience I\'ve ever had. Upon arriving from travel no one would answer the phone and they would not pick me up. I took a taxi to WallyPark and found out nearly all employees did not come into work and the place was full of disgruntled customers that could not even get their keys or find their cars! Never seen anything like it. I finally got my keys and had to walk all over the lot, unassisted, until I found my truck. It was blocked in but thankfully I had 4 wheel drive and could find a way to maneuver out. I can\'t tell you how happy I was to escape that place. Cost me 2 hrs of wasted time and I had a 5 hr drive awaiting me to get home yet. I certainly will never ever set foot in this establishment again!
12/13/2021Scott J Gibson - Iowa
Location was good, not very far from the airport. Just a short shuttle ride. My check-in experience was quick and easy, but I cannot say that about the check-out. I had to wait 45 minutes for my car. There were not enough valets working to accommodate the amount of people that were there. The valets were getting frustrated with the back-up of people, and most of those who were waiting were getting very impatient. I would park here again because of the location and the cheap rate, but would go in expecting a longer wait to pick up my car.
The customer service is exceptional and the price/location value is impressive.
12/08/2021Konesha Rhea
People on the fromt desk are rude, I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS EVER! The shuttle took forever even though I called them as soon as the plane landed.
11/22/2021Remia Matias
Everyone here was great!!! I will use this service eveytime I fly...
08/29/2021jk - Chicago
I was scared to leave my brand new car at a parking place for a week. But, I was impressed!! I got back from my trip, texted them when I got off the plane and they were waiting for me where they said they'd be, and then with my car pulled up close when I got to the car parking. Will definitely use them again!!
08/28/2021J.J. - Wisconsin
Best airport parking we've experienced at O'Hare. Best daily rates too! Glad Wally Park opened at O'Hare.
08/26/2021Diane R - Crown Point, IN
The only thing was left my golf vest in my van and when we came back it was gone someone took it out of my van. Other than that the experience was great.
03/29/2021Larry Hessel - Iowa
Good experience. Lowest price, wait time was okay from the international terminal. Driver on way there was excellent. Driver on way back didnt help me with my bags and I had a lot. Good overall experience though.
03/14/2021AUSTIN R. - Michigan
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