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No wait time. Clean, secure and staff was very helpful. They've helped me with the jump start for my car in no time after I requested. I will definitely park here again.
12/19/2019Satya V Parimi - Edison, NJ
Booked online and got a cheap rate compared to other parking places around the airport. Great service. Car was safe and secure for 10 days. Drivers were quick and friendly. Will use this service again.
12/09/2019Kelly A Barrieres - Allentown
Since I am unfamiliar, I wanted something easy, safe, and close. This wasn't the least expensive and still felt it was worth the price for the convenience, safety and service.
12/06/2019Megan - Lewisburg, Pa
I will definitely use this service again. Staff was fun and friendly. Speedy service of pick up and drop off to and from airport. Absolutely love the location. Great job to you guys!
11/22/2019Jenna Wagner
Very good experience, very well organized with fast drop off and pick up.
09/01/2019Alessandro Mascelloni
This was a very secure place to leave your car. They took me through shuttle to the airport and picked me up promptly when I returned.
08/28/2019Rebecca Benzant
Exellent! I'm traveling again out of PHL airport in November. I will definitely use you all again at that time! Thank you!!
08/26/2019Yolanda Mendez
Excellent location and service to get to the airport quickly. I reserved the outdoor self-parking. The shuttle pulled up to where I parked right away and helped with bags. I got a card with my parking location and instructions for the return trip.
On the return, a shuttle pulled up just as I walked outside. They looked at the card and took me right to where my car was, once again helping with bags. Checkout was quick and easy.
02/13/2019Daniel G.
Used WallyPark on my last trip as I was flying out of PHL and was very impressed. The driver was right there when I parked and helped me with the bags. When I landed with my kids and got the shuttle back to the parking lot, we were dropped off right in front of our car. On the way out I was given a bottle of water for the road. Again, very impressed with WallyPark and will definitely used them again.
02/10/2019Anna H - Edison, NJ
Location was great, right off I-95 easy to find with GPS. There was a major snow storm which dropped 12+ inches of snow in that area on Saturday. When we arrived on Tuesday any empty parking areas were filled with snow. And any recently vacated areas were still filled with snow and impossible to park in with a car. Snow was about 12 inches in each spot Three days after storm. And it was a bright sunny day. So, it was difficult to find a parking spot for our mid-size car. If it ever snows again or if we travel in winter months we will have to find a covered parking garage instead of parking lot. Attendant in office was disinterested when we arrived, he sat in chair and softly spoke out window to tell us to take a ticket, not a wealth of interest or information. Both drivers to and from airport were curtious and helpful.
02/08/2019Alice M. - Clarks Summit, PA
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